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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » How to get a body like John Abraham

How to get a body like John Abraham

Last updated on: August 05, 2013 19:22 IST

Image: John Abraham
Photographs: Promotional still from Force Asmita Aggarwal, Courtesy Business Standard

Getting a perfect six pack calls for immense hard work, discipline and dedication. Fitness guru Vinod Channa, who has helped several Bollywood stars get fabulous physiques, offers some tips on how to sculpt a body like John Abraham's.

First, a minutely monitored diet is critical. Here is how Abraham plans his: 50 per cent protein, 20 per cent carbohydrates, 20 per cent fibre, 10 per cent anti-oxidants and essential fats.

Muscle and mind

Every day, the actor works out for an hour or an hour-and-a-half, depending on the look which his character demands. "Along with weight training, we also work on functional training and yoga which requires mind and body coordination. These workouts help in improving mental and physical coordination," says Channa.

How to get a body like John Abraham

Image: John Abraham promoting the movie Force in Gold Gym Bandra
Photographs: Rediff Archives

Abraham's strengths are his chest, shoulder, arm and abdominal muscles. But the muscles of his legs and lower back are his weak points. So, Channa opts for different types of workout routines for him. Each, he says, has its benefits. "It all depends on the needs of your body, your lifestyle, strength, stamina and agility."

Swimming, he says, is a good cardio and endurance workout. Yoga adds flexibility. Kickboxing helps build agility and teaches self-defence techniques. "We mix and match workouts." Abraham works out different parts of the body with a combination of 'total fitness' - functional training, weight training and yoga.

How to get a body like John Abraham

Image: John Abraham
Photographs: Still from Shootout At Wadala

Eye on the target

It's important to know your target. For example, if your aim is to burn fat, go for strength training and a combination of other workout routines. This is what Channa advises Abraham. "I always study his targets and the time we have to meet them."

Injuries call for special attention and a modified workout. While filming an action scene for Shootout at Wadala, Abraham broke his ankle, which later got swollen. "Keeping his injury in mind, I concentrated on his upper body. We also worked on select parts of the lower body which required limited use of the ankle," says Channa.

How to get a body like John Abraham

Image: John Abraham
Photographs: March 2013 issue of GQ India

Stay fit on the move

Even if your job requires you to travel a lot, do not compromise on fitness. Abraham doesn't. But then he also has his personal trainer travelling with him most of the time.

"I always make sure that he works out on the set and takes time out from his busy schedule. We do body weight exercises if no equipment is available," says Channa. "Sometimes we have worked out at midnight or as early as 6 am to achieve our targets."

How to get a body like John Abraham

Image: John Abraham
Photographs: Cover of People magazine

A winning equation

A chiselled body can be achieved with 60 per cent attention to diet and the remaining 40 per cent to exercise.

"Sometimes we work out two or three times a day to achieve our target," says Channa. "For this period, the diet becomes 55 per cent and workout goes up by 5-10 per cent."

Channa says he believes in sculpting the body with proper - at times strict - diet and hardcore training. There are moments when the target seems out of reach. But the trick is to stay at it. "There was a time when Abraham had almost given up. I used to motivate him daily," says Channa.

How to get a body like John Abraham

Image: John Abraham
Photographs: Still from Dostana

The trainer knows what he's talking about. "As a child, I was very thin. Everybody used to tease me. One day in anger I swore that I would have the best physique in the country," says Channa. He has since represented Maharashtra in body building, has won several other titles and has created at least 30 kinds of diets and workout routines.

"Different ideas help me improve my fitness experience," says the trainer who has a sweet tooth, "but counters it by eating lots of fruit and sugar-free delicacies".

So, would he rate Abraham as super fit?

"Super fit means that the person is flexible, is able to lift his body weight, has good muscle because it's the muscle that gives the body a good shape, is toned and strong, has good stamina and agility," says Channa. "I would rate John as a fit person because he has worked really hard to reach his physical targets."

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