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How to keep your heart healthy

Last updated on: January 15, 2014 13:20 IST

Dr Vanita Arora, Associate Director & Head, Cardiac Electrophysiology Lab and Arrhythmia Services, Max Hospital, answered queries related to heart health in an online chat with readers on January 15.

Here is the unedited chat transcript:

Nagendra sk: sir how do we know irregular heartbeat

Vanita Arora: irregualr beat is felt as an abnormal rhythm and diagnosed by counting the pulse and doing an ECG or Holetr monitoring

sonia kapoor: my husband age 35 was detected bp due to stress (lipid profile and sugar levels remian under control) , on cardace1.25mg bp ranges 130/90. any suggestions/preacuations

Vanita Arora: His BP needs to be as close to 120/80 mm of Hg. The dose of Cardace is very Low. So U need to reduce his stress, if that doesnt decrease his BP further then increase Cardace after consulting Ur Cardiologist

SURESH KHURANA: My cholesterol and triglycerides level were high. Dr advised me to take Atorlip 5 once daily. I have been taking this medicine for the last 6 years and the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol are within prescribed limits.I want to stop the medicine. May be I can have some food supplements such as garlic etc. Please advise.

Vanita Arora: If Ur Trigliceride and cholesterol levels have becomce normal after taking medications and diet control....U may stop the medication or decrease it gradually, Continue diet control for 3 months and repeat lipid profile to see the result and control of Ur levels. Diet includes raw garlic to be chewed, fresh tulsi leaves, multigrain flour, decreased milk & milk products

sanjay kumar: Sir..i am taking control my blood pressure for last 9 years..i do randomly check it and it is normal..what should i do with medicine

Vanita Arora: Please donot stop any medication without consulting Ur Cardiologist or Physician

dananjaypuri: I had a heart attack a few months ago. My doctor tells me I am fine now, but I worry about having sex again. Will the exertion lead to another heart attack?

Vanita Arora: Its not so. If you have recovered well from Ur attack and are taking your medications regularly alongwith life style changes, then you can do strenuous activities. However U have to consult Ur Cardiologist first and have his/her clearance

Venkatesh: A healthy lifestyle can lower the risk of CHD. If you already have CHD, a healthy lifestyle may prevent it from getting worse. Any tips on how to help our children adopt healthy habits

Vanita Arora: Yes healthy lifestyle can decrease the progress of CAD. For children a healthy diet and outdoor games constitute as factors which will reduce their risk for CAD. Avoid junk food and indoor games which make tehm a couch potato

Radheer Mahendrakar: I am taking TelmaH (40mg) for my b.p. it is 110/80 can i reduce the dosage.

Vanita Arora: This control of BP is with Medication. Stopping this medication may surge Ur BP again

akshay kumar: my bp always remain 140/85 and i am taking medicine for that.Do I have to take medicine for whole life or it can be stopped

Vanita Arora: Normally some amount of BP medication is required for Life

vaishali: What is the connection between high blood pressure (hypertension) and heart disease?

Vanita Arora: High BP is a very strong independant risk factor for developing Coronary Heart disease and Hypertensive Heart Disease

Panse Kaisare: Is that when you quit smoking, your risk of heart disease drops dramatically within just one year. And no matter how long or how much you smoked, you'll start reaping rewards as soon as you quit.

Vanita Arora: This is a myth. Smoking is bad and should be stopped. Risk however remains even after you stop but if you continue tehn the risk further increases. Risk of smoking is calculated as Number of cigerrettes * Number of years

Chetanbhattad: Does Anxiety lead to high BP. Mine is at 140/80 and I take amlokind 2.5 mg

Vanita Arora: Anxiety is a very big cause of High BP. U need to relax Ur self and best way to do that is Yoga and breathing excercises

Indian: How bad is an LVEF of 25%. Can it be improved ? Pacemaker has already been implanted

Vanita Arora: LVEF of less than 35% is not a good news. A routine dual chamber pacemaker does not help in LVEF 25%. You need an AICD or CRTD depending on what the indication is....

diamond kmdl: I am 54, 65 Kgs with good digestive system, work for 12 hours a day. But often there is a pain in my left arm / shoulder / hand and the hearbeat variates giving pain in the chest. Checked with the doctor and he said, afer checking my sugar level, i am ok. please advise

Vanita Arora: You need to get a Stress Thallium done and keep proper check on Ur BP

camarnath: I am diognised with LBBtaking medicines for BP, done Angio plasty in 2004, after that only LBB appeared, I am very much normal and healthy otherwise, pls advise ?

Vanita Arora: Please get your 2D Echo done and 24 hours Holter Monitoring done. If both are normal then nothing needs to be done. If there is a problem in either of these two investigations then U need a Cardiac Electrophysiologist advice

ARS: I am on BP medication for the last 12 years. Now on PIN OM 50 M. Recently feeling giddiness/blurring of eyes before lunch and dinner. Sugar levels normal. Which specialist I need to meet?

Vanita Arora: U need to see a Cardiologist. Get an ECG done and see a Cardiologist

Panchagnula Krishna: What are the specific symptoms warranting a pace-makerPGKP. Gopala KrishnaHyderabad

Vanita Arora: symptoms maybe syncope or loss of conciousness, presyncope, giddiness, feeling out of breath, severe fatigue, thuping in the chest