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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » ModelSpeak: Item songs are like stress busters

ModelSpeak: Item songs are like stress busters

Last updated on: March 26, 2013 16:42 IST

ModelSpeak: Item songs are like stress busters


Lanky supermodel Kavita Kharayat speaks with Sonil Dedhia about live-in relationships, fashion styles this summer and workout fads.

Can you share summer fashion trends and tips?

I think linen is the fabric of the season. This season summer is going to be really hot. It is also advisable to wear soothing colours. I think it is essential to have a lot of white and off whites in your wardrobe. Cleansing and moisturising of the skin is also very important.

What distinguishes a good model from a bad one?

I don't think any girl who decides to become a model is a bad model. I agree that many new girls are not very good. It is difficult to survive in this industry but that is applicable to any field.

What do you have to say about celebrity showstoppers?

As of now celebrity showstoppers are not in trend. It depends on the designers as some of them have their muses and prefer to have celebrities walking the ramp.

How addicted are you to working out?

I love working out and I always want to stay fit. I am a state level champion in running. I have also ran two half marathons. I was also learning gymnastics. I'll continue to be fitness freak all my life.

The most common workout blunder that people commit...

I have seen a lot of people go on a crash diet without consulting a dietician. On the other hand there are people who take up on doing crazy workout in the gym. I think that is the worst mistake anyone can every commit.

If your partner isn't too fit is that a problem?

Till the time he is attractive it doesn't really matter if he is not fit (Winks).

What attracts you to a man?


What do you think of live-in relationships?

It depends on person to person. Today our life has become so hectic. We all have to be out on toes every time. At the end of the day what matters is to spend quality time with someone you love. I would be open to live-in relationship.

What is the cheesiest pick-up line used on you?

It was really corny and weird when a person came up to me and told me Aree yeh jaawani toh do din main dhal jayegi. He sounded like a complete wannabe.

Do you like a midnight snack?

I love snacking late night. Maggii, Bhurji Paav and Chiken Kathi Rolls are my favourite.

What will we find in your refrigerator now?

Lot of probiotic drinks, juices, soya milk, brown bread and fruits.

What are your fetishes?

Maa ke haath ka khaana (Home-cooked food made by my mother).

One thing in your wardrobe that makes you feel awesome...

My black dress. It is a must-have item in any woman's wardrobe.

One thing that your parents nag you about...

They always nag me about keeping my room clean.

Hottest celebrity in Bollywood...

Hrithik Roshan.

A movie you would want to debut in...

I wouldn't like to be an actress but if I had to then it would be any Satayjit Ray film.

An item number that you would love to do...

I love item songs; they are like stress busters. If I had to select one then it would be Helen's song Piya Tu Ab Toh Aaja.

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Photographs: Rediff Archives