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Model Speak: 'You are never satisfied with your body'

Last updated on: August 7, 2012 14:54 IST

Image: Deepti Gujral
Photographs: Atul Kasbekar for Kingfisher Swimsuit Calendar 2008 spoke to three models about what it means to be in the business, how they get the superhot physique they do and just what their plans are when the arclights go off! Read on!

Supersexy model Deepti Gujral who has set the ramp on fire for more than eight years reveals her business plans post modelling. Deepti raves about Ashtanga yoga, why yoga is so very important for models and discloses her list of hot Indian male celebs to

What's so special about designs this fashion week?

The clothes we are wearing this time are wearable clothes, nothing very out of the box. Every designer has their own of portyraying their designs and everybody wants to have their own mark in the market so everybody has an edge about themselves which kind of sets them apart from others.

This time I see designers in Mumbai have gone a little crazy with colours.

How do you maintain your figure?

(Laughs loudly) It's a big question mark. You are never really satisfied with it. I believe as a model when you walk the ramp you need to get into designs created by designers and look like a million bucks. That's your job. Anyways the garments are outstandingly beautiful and along with the make up, the lighting and all that you look great.

Okay, so what's your figure like?

I'd say I'm very athletic, not very skinny, not very fat; I'm right in the middle, I guess. And if you see my pool of girls I think everybody has their own uniqueness. And I think I am doing LFW because they need a body like mine.

So how do you maintain this beautiful atheltic figure?

I'm a workout freak. I have always been into sports; I love swimming and exercise a lot. I am heavily into yoga now. I am an Ashtanaga yoga practitioner. So I do yoga every day in the morning along with strength-building exercises.

But I believe to maintain a good athletic figure 90 per cent is diet and 10 per cent is exercise.

How does yoga help you be in shape compared to athletic exercises?

Yoga helps me to calm down and breathe properly. Ashtanga yoga is all about breathing, breathing right and that too early in the morning. If you do it early in the morning it is good for your skin, hair, complexion, body and brain. When you do stuff like fashion weeks you really need to do yoga to de-stress and calm down.

Five breathing techniques for those into modelling to stay calm and composed?

Honestly speaking, it took me about six months to get into practice but I can't say for sure if a particular exercise is better but I think if every girl (model) can do 20 Surya Namaskars in a day I think they will be sorted.

But I do yoga for a different reason. Yoga puts me back into order.

The best and the worst of the modelling world...

Removing make-up...

Is it the best thing?

No, the worst. I hate putting it off because you look a million bucks with it on you.

Why wouldn't one look a million bucks without make-up?

I think it's all about looks and if a designer wants a particular look then you have to follow that and when you work 24 hours a day you need little bit of make up to cover your under eyes and things like that.

Your favourite designers?

Internationally, I love Roberto Cavalli, Armani, Gucci and a lot of new and upcoming designers in New York who I happened to meet when I was there last time.

Amongst Indians I'd say Manish Malhotra is good, the duo of Pallavi and Bhairavi (Jaikishen) are good. Look you can't pinpoint anybody because everybody is so talented and unique here. A few hours later we will be walking for Swapnil and Shivan-Naresh. If you see their designs you will understand what I mean.

Five hot Indian males?

I love Hrithik Roshan; I like Farhan Akhtar, I like, no I love Amitabh Bachchan, I love Kabir Bedi, his eyes are so beautiful and he still looks very handsome and the last one would be Ajay Devgn. He is different but nice. He has got his own charm.

Your tips to aspiring young models...

I think definitely you should finish your education; it is very important. Do whatever you need to do after finishing your formal education.

If you really want to do something do it really well. If you taken modelling as a profession, take its seriously and not like a hobby. I have taken it seriously for past eight years and I really respect my job.

Professionalism is very important; if you come on time, how you behave with people creates your goodwill in the market.

How you represent yourself is also very important.

Barring that it is also important to groom yourself well and you can learn this only while at work.

If you are confident and be yourself nothing, I think, really can hold you back.

What after modelling?

I have graduated in Arts and majored in economics and now I am planning to do something more with my life but I am just figuring out what. Definitely, I will be sticking to the profession.I love the world of fashion. I think I'd love to get into fashion marketing, merchandising, being a buyer. So you will be seeing me sitting, watching shows and buying clothes.

Sony Kaur: 'I am too skinny for Indian designers'

Image: Sony Kaur
Photographs: Rediff Archives

Sony Kaur has been walking on the ramp since she was 16. Today she has established herself with two serious years as a model. The 'skinny' model spoke with about her insecurity as a model, how she maintains her figure and looks and why she soon plans to finish graduation.

We have just finished our show and sitting out to relax ourselves so we could get ready for our next show.

Who do you think is the best item girls in Bollywood?

Katrina Kaif. She is not an item girl but I saw a couple of her songs and I think she carries herself very well. She doesn't look vulgar when she does an item song. She is a pretty and cute and nice and a hot item girl. Actual item girls? Well, I don't like them.

How do you maintain your figure?

I run a lot and go to the gym. I focus on eating healthy food and avoiding fast food. That is enough to maintain my figure. I love homemade food.

What do you cook best? What's your favourite dish?

I love cooking and I love dal and rice. And barbeque and grilled chicken are also favourites. I love Punjabi and south Indian dishes.I don't like rotis. I cook everything.

How long have you been a model?

I used to model from my school days. But I have been doing serious modelling since last two years.

Your first assignment on the ramp and what was that experience like?

I was 16 when I first walked the ramp in Hyderabad but it wasn't a great show. Still I liked it and decided I wanted to do it as a profession. I discontinued my studies for modelling but I plan to finish my graduation.

Do you think you are at a disadvantage having not done your graduation?

I was like 'oh my God! What am I doing' when Deepti said that aspiring models should first finish their graduation'. But I love what I am doing and it's just beautiful. Having said that I will complete my graduation. (Deepti Gujral and Sony Kaur are good friends and were in-between shows when we met them).

Don't you feel insecure since like Dipti you don't have a plan B in place?

Not really. I think about it but I will first spend some more time modelling. It's just so much fun just being a model and working with beautiful and talented people.

Contemporary hot models on the ramp?

Deepti Gujral and all senior models. They are so graceful and stunning on the ramp.

Describe your figure please?

I am skinny.

Size zero?

Yeah, yeah!

But is that a good thing to be?

It's good for some designers but for Indian designers I am too skinny. I feel like I should be broader to wear Indian designs.

Make up tips to look a million bucks?

Use a really good moisturiser. I don't like to apply a lot of make-up on my face. If I wanna go for a party or outing I just conceal my under eye, put lots of mascara and, moisturise my skin and use lots of blusher which makes you look really pretty.

Lakme Fashion Week Complete Coverage

Follow Lakme Fashion Week on Rediff ZaraBol. Catch all the action as it happens!

Siddharth Rawal: 'Modelling can't be your lifelong career'

Image: Siddharth Rawal
Photographs: Rediff Archives

He's earned his business management degree from Mumbai's NM College and his unruly hair notwithstanding, Siddharth Rawal does come across as someone who has his head firmly on his shoulders. When he isn't modelling, he manufactures and exports shirts.

Siddharth confesses that it isn't easy being a male model in a female-dominated industry and advises his younger contemporaries that it is always advisable to have a Plan B. Read on!

Tell us something about yourself...

I began my modelling career with the Lakme Fashion Week three years ago. But this is not the only thing I do; I have a business of my own. I manufacture and export shirts to the European markets.

So, why do you do modelling when you are an established entrepreneur?

This is for fun as well as money but not primarily for money, though money is also important. Right now I am focussing on both the things. Plus I am also doing a lot of TV commercials and I'm also an aspiring actor.

Who would you like to act along with?

I don't care so long as I get a good acting break and people love my acting.

Have you approached any bollywood producer or film maker?

I just finished auditioning for two people and they have gone pretty well so far.

Who did you audition for?

I can't let you on it at this moment.

Your first modelling assignment was for?

I don't remember because it was three years ago in December. My first show I think was for Lecoanet Hemant.

Contemporary male and female models who you think are hot?

One is me. I think in fashion week this season they have chosen eight guys and all of them are really very hot.

Who do you have the hots for?

Hots? I think nobody really around here because they are all been friends for a while.

Who are the hot male and female models around?


You are being a diplomat?

Yeah, I have always been a diplomat.

Best and worst modelling assignments?

Best of course has to be the Lakme Fashion Weeks I have been doing since 2009 and I have done some big TV commercials like Lays, Samsung Mobile.

As a profession is modelling more lucrative than being an entrepreneur?

Of course, no. But again it depends on how well you are doing as a model. having said that modelling is nowhere as lucrative as entrepreneurship.

Tell us about the best and the worst of the fashion industry...

I am having a pretty good time in the industry. The only thing is there is not enough scope for men in the fashion industry.

What would you be if you were not to be a model?

I'd have been a cricketer had I pursued it. I used to play for Mumbai's under 19 team.

Your tips to aspiring models...

Just don't make this your main profession. First concentrate on your education and then start modelling. Always have a back up plan. Modelling is not something you can make as a lifelong career. Always have formidable knowledge and talent in some other area which you can bank upon when you are done as a model.