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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » Reader response: My admission nightmare

Reader response: My admission nightmare

Last updated on: June 20, 2011 18:03 IST

Reader response: My admission nightmare

With the first list creating a furore in the student fraternity with its 100% cut-off at Shri Ram College of Commerce and the second cut-off list for colleges affiliated to Delhi University likely to be out tomorrow and, here is a response -- to our invite on admission nightmare -- from a Get Ahead reader on how she coped with it.

Bienu Vaghela, who now works as the chief editor of a financial portal, describes her admission ordeal.

The flash back of my college admissions after XII grade in Delhi University rolled before my eyes just when the results were declared last week. I deeply missed the hustle and bustle surrounding admissions. The memories of my college admissions are still fresh in my memory.

This was year 1981-82; me, a simpleton from Central School, Delhi stepped out to taste the academic world of the highly rated and prestigious Delhi University. I knew I was nowhere at par with the hip, young aspirants who had come there to seek admission in those prestigious DU colleges. But I was determined to join the Delhi Snobbery League prevalent those days in the North Campus of DU.

Although everybody advised me against it, since I lived quite far from the North Campus of DU, I was adamant to study in either St. Stephens, Hindu or Miranda House. Without actually knowing what it meant to be and how difficult it was, I tagged my mother along from one college to another who could not make any sense of my hopping from one college to another.

But she cooperated with me, only returning back home with migraine every day. With good percentage in my kitty, I set out to take admission forms across all colleges in Delhi North campus, thinking what if I did not get admission in the above-mentioned colleges? I did not want to remain a school pass out for all my life.

The process was quite tedious as we were supposed to fill forms for so many courses even though my first preference was English Hons. But at the same time, one had to apply for BA Pass, History Hons, Political Science Hons and what not. Then came the great day of first list.

My name did not appear in any of the three colleges but in some lesser-known college. As a precautionary measure, I paid the fees and took admission. Although my spirits dampened to some extent, my hopes were still alive. In the second list, my name appeared in Hindu College and Miranda House.

My vote went in favour of Hindu College as my father believed that only "fast" girls studied in Miranda and if I studied in that college, in future, I will not get a suitable match for marriage.

Now the time came for admission interview. Father Pinto of Hindu College took my interview. After enquiring a little about me, he asked few questions about the Bible which I could not answer. I was very nervous. I felt my hopes of studying in Hindu had dashed after coming so far... but fortunately, my name appeared in the final list.

Lo & Behold I was in Hindu, henceforth, to be known as Hinduite. I realised that I was the first and the only girl in the family and the colony to study in North campus.

Rest, as they say, is history. I studied there for five years and all I can say is those days were wonderful. All the trouble I took in making it to college, both in Delhi's extreme winter and summer were totally worth it.

I soon forgot the ordeal I had to go through to study in one of the most prestigious colleges of India. Today, I am a proud Hinduite and shall always remain one.

Here's the first cut-off list from four top colleges in Delhi:

Shri Ram College of Commerce

Lady Shri Ram College for Women

Hans Raj College

Hindu College

For more DU cut-offs click HERE.

Do you know what the college cut-offs are in your city?

What is the cut-off for the first list in Chennai's best science college? Or the arts cut-off in Bangalore's top colleges?

If you have information on this year's college admissions, simply fill in the form below. The information you share just might help students gain admission into their dream college. (note: e-mail addresses will not be disclosed.)