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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » 8 must-have attitudes for your first job

8 must-have attitudes for your first job

May 26, 2014 11:35 IST

Image: An inquisitive mind and the willingness to learn from your mistakes will definitely help you cruise through your first job.
Photographs: Thomas Peter/Reuters Courtesy

Nervous and anxious about your first job? Fret not! Here are some attributes that will help you leave a lasting impression at work.

Congratulations to all those who have now stepped into the adventure world of professional life.

Hope you all have worn the 'bring it on' attitude to face all the upcoming challenges and pave a strong path to successful career.

To help you have an enriching experience at work you need to develop and nurture certain essential attributes.

Here are some traits your first job demands from you:

1. Be grateful

Develop a habit to acknowledge.

If you receive something good from someone at your workplace -- like, a useful advice, a genuine compliment -- never forget to express your genuine gratitude.

You can either drop a mail or text, or simply express it with a smile.

This would leave a lasting impression and your colleagues will treat you with courteousness.

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2. Treat mistakes as gifts

Image: Learn from your mistakes to grow professionally.
Photographs: Sivaram V/Reuters

Mistakes are part of professional life, specially in the initial years of career.

You have to learn to treat mistakes optimistically.

Treat them as gifts and learn the most out of them so that when you grow ahead in your career, you'd know what works, what doesn't.

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3. Learn to differentiate between good and bad

Image: Don't expect to be spoonfed all the time; learn to be your own judge.
Photographs: Punit Paranjpe/Reuters

Professionally, do not keep expectations that others will guide you for good or bad or would navigate major decisions of your life.

You have to develop the skills of researching for your needs, identifying the best options and making the best decisions out of those.

You would surely meet people who would be happy to help you, and make sure that you develop the skill, but until then, be your own judge.

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4. Maintain your professional reputation

Image: Be professionally amiable to your colleagues.
Photographs: Reuters

Through your career, you never know when you'd cross paths with people whom you had professionally met years ago.

Even if you have to quit the organisation in the future for personal reasons, do not burn your bridges.

If in the future you move to another organisation, don't forget to stay in touch with your old colleagues.

Whenever you get the opportunity or time, try initiating a conversation and drop in an e-mail or text.

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5. Focus on the positives

Image: Make a mental note of people or events that make you feel positive at work.
Photographs: Beck Diefenbach/Reuters

If some event or person at work makes you feel positive, please make a note of it.

At the end of every day, you can jot down three things that made you feel better and committed to the organisation.

Doing this will not just make you feel optimistic about the work you do but would also make you experience gratitude -- which is one of the steps leading to success.

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6. Be confident

Image: Practice the art of speaking confidently thr
Photographs: Rediff Archives

Since it's your first job it may happen that you do not feel very confident about dealing with people, or completing the task at hand.

You have to work upon improving the art of communication and presentation.

Practice in front of a mirror or a friend for quicker feedback.

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7. Spend time with the right people

Image: Invest time with people who encourage you to work and perform better.
Photographs: Reuters

They say first impressions last long.

So does the experience of your first job -- it stays with you for life.

To have a great professional experience you need to choose your friends and colleagues at work wisely.

The more time you spend in a nourishing and encouraging environment, the better it is for your career growth.

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8. Remember 'This too shall pass!'

Image: Be grateful for the good things that come with your first job.
Photographs: Mike Segar/Reuters

Whether you are trolling on a blissful bed of roses or lurching in the thorns of tough times, keep reminding yourself that it's just a phase and better times will follow.

Moreover, with time you also have to move ahead, so prepare yourself for both.

Whenever you are going through a bad phase, be grateful for the things that are working in your favour. 

If you follow the above tips, at the end of a year or two, you'd have successfully mastered the art of balancing your stresses and using your strengths to your advantage. Until then, good luck! 


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