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5 signs your boss hates you

May 28, 2014 11:30 IST

Image: How does one know whether or not their boss dislikes their work?
Photographs: Illustration by Uttam Ghosh/ Courtesy

Be smart; pick on these signs; act immediately

Have you ever developed a feeling of hatred for anyone?

If yes, then have you ever realised that your hatred or dislike encourages you to develop a certain bias against the person, irrespective of what they do?

Well, now just imagine the same situation but with a little twist.

Replace your boss with yourself and yourself with the hated one.

Your bias towards a colleague might not affect his/her career much but if your boss develops a bias against you, it would be nothing short of a catastrophe to your career.

Here are the five signs to analyse whether your boss sincerely hates you or not.

1. You are experiencing micro management

If your boss signals that he doesn't trust you and even shows lack of confidence when it comes to handling any project then that is a signal that your boss dislikes you.

In addition to all this, the worst part about being in such situation is that you are being micro managed and your boss is following you for every single task.

How to fight this situation

If you find yourself being monitored all the time, you have to first try and confirm whether the incidences you are considering are really a sign of your boss being biased or not.

For this, you have to talk to other employees and analyse whether your boss is being partial to you or is consistent in his/her behaviour with others in your team.

If it is just you, you need to handle the situation tactfully.

You can try and have a positive conversation and find out what are the things/issues that is discouraging your manager to feel confident about you.

Discussing things out generally leads to a solution -- a better solution.

If micro management affects your productivity, you may tell your boss about it.

At the same time, you can suggest a few better ways to stay in the loop like weekly meetings, reports or e-mail updates.

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2. You have never received feedback

Image: If your boss doesn't share feedback on his own, request for one.
Photographs: Illustration by Dominic Xavier/

Do you rarely get positive feedback or do not get any at all?

Does your good work goes unrecognised while your colleagues get praised for even minor tasks?

If so, then this is another sign that you are not so lovable to your boss.

How to fight this situation

Simply go and request his/her feedback for a particular task you recently completed; but be polite.

Ask your boss to share a few points regarding the projects you managed that did well and those that could have been better.

The feedback would actually help you understand what your boss thinks about your current performance and will help you work on your weaknesses.

Take his/her response sincerely and follow doing what he/she wants you to do.

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3. Your raise requests go unnoticed

Image: Try and find out why you failed to get a salary hike.
Photographs: Illustration by Uttam Ghosh/

If there are no actions taken on your raise requests or without much explanation these are turned down, then possibilities are your boss dislikes you.

How to fight this situation

Firmly ask your boss to give you proper explanation on why you couldn’t get a raise or what are the factors you should work upon to get a good hike next year.

If your case is not exceptional, try and find out when you can expect a salary hike.

If all the above requests are turned down, maybe it's time to think over whether you are in the right job or not.

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4. Your day starts and ends with criticism

Image: If you find yourself being ridiculed for your work all the time try and find out if there's something more to it.
Photographs: Illustration by Uttam Ghosh/

Criticism is good, but if it gets a regular routine, then there is a serious issue.

If you feel that no good work you do can please your boss, then it's time you accept the red flags in your relationship.

How to fight this situation

Before you start working on a project, try asking the manager what is expected of you.

If you are made to realise how the final and successful outcome should look like, it would be easier for you to work on the said parameters.

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5. Your resignation letter is not a big issue for your boss

Image: If you leaving the organisation doesn't affect your manager it could well be a sign you are being devalued.
Photographs: Illustration by Dominic Xavier/

Employee retention is important for companies.

Moreover, good managers will never want their smart employees to say goodbye to their companies.

But yes, they do not care if a not-so-important team member gives a resignation.

How to fight this situation

If that’s the case with you, then take it as a lesson to learn for your next career move.

Becoming a valued employee is important for you to grow up in your career ladder.

Be a smart employee and work on the skills that are important for your success.

If you realise that despite you doing all the above you are still not able to impress your manager then may be you should take up a job where you are much valued.

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