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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » 4 things to do before accepting a job offer

4 things to do before accepting a job offer

March 28, 2014 10:39 IST

Image: Read your offer letter carefully before signing it.
Photographs: Dominic Xavier/ Courtesy

Before you leap with joy and sign on the dotted line, assess these factors!

After months of aggressively searching for a job by distributing your resume and giving innumerable interviews, you've finally got that call.

This is the moment you've been waiting for.

Like a diligent candidate, you've read everything about this company you intend to join, including who your boss will be and the company culture.

The offer letter sits in your mail, just waiting to be signed.

We all know how fast things move after you get the offer letter; it's like magic.

But before you sign on that dotted line, remember to assess the following points so that you take a good decision.

1. Negotiate for the best deal

Now, of course if you get the offer letter you would have negotiated your salary. But that is not all.

You should negotiate everything before you sign. For example if aren't getting that cool a pay package you desired for but you like the company and so you plan to join it make sure it offers you some other perks to make up for the lost package.

That could be relocation assistance, flexible timings, paid holidays or something else.

The only criteria being there has to be a balance in what you ask for and what the company provides you with.

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2. Understand the offer letter

Image: It's wiser to call the HR and find out rather being lost in translation.
Photographs: Reuters

Take any offer letter, there will be clauses and salary perks which are given fancy names just to entice you into signing it.

Do not hesitate to call the HR executive and understand the fine print.

Sometimes, perks are mentioned as part of the salary, but are never paid to you because they come with conditions.

Make sure you understand all the vague pointers and related terms.

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3. Consider the actual benefits

Image: Find out if the benefits offered by the company are useful to you.
Photographs: Courtesy Careers360

Some of the benefits you'll receive are generally shown to you once you are a part of the company.

But you need to make sure if the benefits offered by the company are actually helping you or not. For example, medical insurance, loan benefits, if any.

Seeking this information before hand would help you make a better decision.

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4. The commute to work

Image: Will you be able to adjust to the new mode and time of commute?
Photographs: Vivek Prakash/Reuters

It may seem trivial in the beginning, but the commute part becomes the first cause of a job change in most cases.

If you get the offer letter, make sure you know how the new job would change your routine.

Would you be able to adapt to it?

And if the office is far off, do you think you will be able to undertake the journey from office and back.

Make up your mind, weigh the pros and cons and then sign.

Do not rush and take an irrational decision that will affect your career! Choose wisely. Good luck!

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