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Dharavi's Maleesha, All Of 15, Becomes A Brand Ambassador

May 23, 2023 23:31 IST

Does the name Maleesha Kharwa ring a bell?

As a model, she may not be as popular as Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, but Maleesha has been serving as much as a muse of style for a 250k strong following on Instagram, captivating folks ever since she was spotted by American actor-dancer-choreographer Robert Hoffman, back in 2020.

Her eloquent eyes, pretty complexion and, sparkling broad smile, that caught Hoffman's eye, earned the 15 year old the title Princess from the Slums. On her profile she says 'People say I live in a slum but I love (she uses the heart emoji) my life! I hope to be a supermodel to help my family eat'.

Now the face of beauty brand Forest Essentials, Maleesha who lives in Dharavi, north central Mumbai, with her family, also featured on the cover of Cosmopolitan India's 26th anniversary issue.

Her earnings have allowed her, excitedly, to buy a phone and her family, she says has less of a problem finding three square meals each day.

Maleesha has been breaking fashion stereotypes, one pic at a time, because hers is such a wistful, winning face you cannot look away from.

Read on for style tips from this vivacious teen who has more style in her little pinky than much of the glam fraternity.

'Don't worry, it is juice only,' Maleesha cautions fans.
As fresh as a flower in full bloom in bold, deep shades, her party-ready dress is as cheerful as she. Infectious joy.
Tip 1: It's often best to stick to a natural look and play up the colours of your outfit.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Maleesha Kharwa/Instagram


She livens up all brightest shades with her crorepati smile.
Seen here jazzing up her surroundings in a multicoloured tee worn under a pretty two-tone dress with sweet blue and yellow flowers.
Tip 2: Try two layers instead of one! It's a look that works for day and night.


Lovely perfectly almond-shaped eyes and their magnetic gaze have stories and stories to tell.
Tip 3: Two small, delicate metallic jhumkas are all that's needed for a runway-ready outfit.


Tip 4: Your biggest, shiniest accessory is your happy grin. Don't forget to carry it everywhere you go.


On a boat to Elephanta island, Maleesha asks: 'How am I looking?' and receives a bouquet of compliments -- 'Most adorable'. 'Best smile in the world'. 'CUUUUUUUTIE' (from Hoffman). 'Absolutely gorgeous and innocent' 'You are hope for many'.
And she thanks them.
Well on her road to becoing a supermodel...
Tip 5: Bell-bottoms are very much in vogue. Just remember to team them with a fitting top like Maleesha's.