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12 people you'll MEET this Navratri season

By Tista Sengupta
September 30, 2016 11:46 IST
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Met these distinctive personalities during Navratri, asks Tista Sengupta.

A still from movie Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela

It's time to celebrate!

With Navratri, there's no way you are going to stay at home in the evenings.

From streets glimmering with lights to people dressed up to the nines in colourful ensembles, it's time to experience some festive fun.

These nine nights also bring back dandiya (the featured dance of Navratri evenings) functions where one exhibits her/his cool dance moves.

Like every year, this time too, you will dance to the tunes of garba and hip hop tracks.

Before you go pandal hopping with friends to play dandiya, get prepared to encounter different types of people who'll grab all the attention.

Check out the list and tell us if you agree.

#1. Dandiya maestro

The concept of 'one last dance' doesn't seem to exist for this person.

S/he is a pro at dandiya steps and doesn't really seem to care much about stamping on others' feet while dancing.

All they know is to keep moving their bodies until the music stops.

And this goes on for all the nine days. Quite a commitment, I tell you!

#2. The sexy dancer

These guys/girls may not know a thing about dandiya, but they can still lure you with some killer moves.

Their seductive steps -- which are no way close to the traditional one -- look more apt for a party at a disco or a club.

Make sure you don't start checking them out, or you might get caught staring by your partner. Better mind your own business.

#3. The pricey 'lil' princess

Boss, nobody can match her style statement.

She'll put on a designer outfit and team it with trendy pieces of jewellery.

Through the nine days, you'll discover how she's on a mission to make other women feel under-dressed.

#4. Meet Mister Perfect

Style or charm, he is one step ahead of the others.

Wearing the right outfit and a smart hairstyle, this guy will always be in spotlight.

This handsome hunk will make the girls swoon and all the guys go green with envy.

Who would mind dancing with someone like that?

#5. Pose please!

This person has nothing to do with dandiya.

Their ultimate motive is to keep clicking photos, posting them on social networking sites and showing off how much fun they are having to the world.

That explains why these days there are selfie-booths at every functions.

#6. Namaste Nautanki

What's a festival without a pinch of drama.

Trust me, you are going to meet the delicate doll who never stops reacting over the smallest of the things.

From the slightest push on the dance floor to her dress not being comfortable enough to move around, she will keep whining about everything throughout the evening.

Guess only God can bear with her tantrums!

#7. The couple's corner

Navratri is the time to bond with friends and family.

But how can you ignore the couples?

Navratri is the perfect time for couples to steal glances and ultimately get lost in their serious moments of PDA at the functions. Like really!

C'mon guys, if not for the festival, at least for the people around, stop behaving like the 'inseparable' souls. Why make others feel uncomfortable?

#8. The foodie freak

There's food on their mind all the time, EVERY TIME.

The first thing this person will look around for when they enter the dandiya ground is food stalls.

Not looking elsewhere, s/he will directly head towards the food outlets to hog on some junk.

In fact, they will even drag others in the group to give him/her company and ruin all the fun for them.

#9. The spiritual bee

Not that it's wrong, but this one is a tad bit serious about the festival rituals.

Whenever the conventional dandiya songs -- which means the bhajans and the Gujarati garba numbers -- stop playing and a Bollywood number is on, s/he will discontinue dancing.

Happily talking about the importance of the festival to others -- who are more than happy to groove to Hindi music -- s/he will wait for the traditional beats to start playing again.

Now that's what we call major bhakti.

#10. The stupid stalkers

There is absolutely no dearth of such people at a function.

For instance, at dandiya nights, you can easily spot these stalkers ogling at women and men. The hot and sexy ones become their targets.

Don't get surprised to hear them boast about the ones they have totally fallen head over heels in love with to their other stalker friends by the end of the every night. #WhatDafts!

#11. Dressed to KILL

'The more, the merrier' seems to be their motto.

They think going a bit too far with their style will turn heads.

It surely does... but trust, people simply look at you as a nightmare. So save us from your caked faces, chunky outfits and heavy jewellery.

#12. The firangi tadka

I am sure you have heard of foreigners and their never-ending love for Indian culture.

Donning Indian wear -- mostly ghagra choli -- it's sheer fun for these over-enthusiastic non-Indians to dance on traditional music.

They might not ace at the moves, but whatever they do on the dance floor is worth watching.

*Lead image published only for representational purposes. Photograph: A scene from Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela.


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