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This article was first published 2 years ago  » Getahead » The TOP job trends in India

The TOP job trends in India

By Rediff Get Ahead
June 16, 2021 09:00 IST
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The hottest job trends in India right now

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Every month career and recruitment firm releases its top hiring trends.

The Monster Employment Index offers insights into the job market across industries, cities, and functions.

May 2021 showed significant demand in online hiring with 45% industries indicating positive month on month growth in the overall number of job postings.

If you are looking for a new job, some of these findings from Monster Employment Index may interest you:

Higher demand for top management professionals

Online hiring for top management levels greater than 16 years of experience witnessed a spike of 66% compared to last year.

Top management professionals (20%), mid-senior professionals (1%), and Intermediate roles (1%) witnessed positive month-on-month growth.

Hiring demand for senior management professionals (0%) remained neutral.  

Those for senior management professionals (11-15 years), mid-senior professionals (7-10 years), and intermediate roles (4-6 years) saw an increase of 14%, 20%, and 13% compared to May 2020.

However, job postings for entry-level profiles (0-3 years) have declined by 11% since last year.

Hottest job sectors

Hiring in the IT sector -- hardware, software witnessed a year-on-year growth of 67% in Bangalore and 49% in Hyderabad. Industries including banking/ financial services, insurance and IT -- hardware, software indicated growth. 

Among the functions, software, hardware, telecom indicate growth across all the key cities such as Bangalore (79%), Hyderabad (62%), and Chennai (50%).

45% of the industries indicated positive month-on-month growth in job postings, with retail (24%), home appliances (13%), and telecom/ISP (10%) industries showing the highest growth.

Other industries that are doing well compared to the previous month include IT -- hardware, software, banking/ financial services, insurance, office equipment/automation, and healthcare, bio technology and life sciences, pharmaceuticals.

A year-on-year (May 2021 versus May 2020) comparison shows hiring in 56% of the industries fared better as compared to the same time last year.

The report indicated that companies and employers are now better equipped to face the pandemic, despite the effect of the second wave.

IT -- hardware, software (29%), logistic, courier/ freight/ transportation (25%) and telecom/ISP (23%) industries indicated the highest growth in job postings.

The increase in hiring for engineering/ production and purchase/logistics/supply chain could be the result of increased reliance on e-commerce, driven by the lockdowns across the country.

The not-so-hot sectors

Meanwhile the travel and tourism (-13%), import/export (-11%), and printing/ packaging (-8%) continued to face the challenges of the pandemic with a decline in job postings.

Education (-31%) and engineering, cement, construction, iron/ steel (-20%) industries also witnessed a decline in hiring activities, year-on-year. 

Location matters

The tech hubs of India -- Bengaluru (46%) and Hyderabad (26%) -- have witnessed the highest growth in job postings in the last one year.

The recruitment has been high in Pune (+25%), Chennai (+21%), Delhi-NCR (+6%), Mumbai (+5%), Kochi (+1%).

However, job postings have shrunk in Kolkata (-16%), Jaipur (-17%), and Baroda (-18%) as of May 2021 compared to last year.

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