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What should Baba Ramdev launch NEXT?

Last updated on: September 26, 2016 13:20 IST
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Move over yoga and noodles, Baba Ramdev's Patanjali factory has the potential to cater to a bigger audience.


IMAGE: What should Baba Ramdev launch next? Tell us. Photograph: Reuters

After launching Patanjali honey, biscuits, noodles and perhaps swadesi jeans in the forthcoming year, Baba Ramdev is clearly suggesting that he's ready to expand his business to cater to a larger audience.

Considering that his products and services are healthy and swadesi and are getting a positive nod from users, it is important his brand brings out more valuable and need-of-the-hour products.

Here's a list that cannot be ignored:

Diapers for kids

Catch them young! In business, the phrase also applies to catering to young(er) audiences.

Remember our grandparents telling us about using cotton clothpads for babies that could soak liquids better?

Baba Ramdev's team should definitely try and bring back a swadesi diaper that is healthy, easy to use and baby-friendly. It could be scented with natural Indian herbs like neem or tulsi that will keep infections at bay.

Swadesi condoms

Given that India is the land of Kamasutra and a lot of well-educated adults still aren't comfortable with the thought of using contraceptives (read condoms and lubricants), it might help if Baba steps in and offers some swadesi options.

Not necessarily khadi, but something organic using jadibooti, maybe?

Wax strips

No, please, we're not body shaming anyone here, but if you ask the girls, everyone would agree how painful the monthly procedure is.

Since honey is already one of the products in Patanjali's line up, how hard would it be to add wax strips, non-painful may we add?

All the girls and boys, I am sure would offer a sashtang namashkar to you.

Grooming kit for men

Not pulling a fast one on Baba or Anil Kapoor, but men, too, need a dedicated grooming kit. Don't you agree?

It could include organic or herbal shaving creams, hair gels, bath soaps, scented lotions and, of course, hair remover, for the metro-sexual, swadesi, man.

Swadesi sports shoes

Remember that visual of Baba Ramdev playing football at a charity event? Like a boss?

Anyone noticed those kickass shoes?

Wouldn't it be great if we could have Patanjali launch a pair of sportswear from organic or skin-friendly materials?

In fact, it would pave the way to encourage sports in India.

Organic accessories

Not stretching it, but our forefathers really wore plants and flowers as body accessories and used their extracts to enhance beauty.

Within so many chemicals and synthetic materials being used in our everyday grooming kit, it might help if Baba Ramdev could offer some really healthy alternatives.

Patanjali App

We live in the digital age and Baba Ramdev would be doing a great service if he were to launch an app that offers a one stop solution to all problems in life.

From yoga to food, it could guide you on everything you'd need to have a healthy life.

Portable fitness equipment

Given that people don't find the time to exercise, Baba Ramdev can come up with interesting fitness equipment that is easy to carry or port in a bag-pack.

These could be tried on while working on a computer, commuting in a bus/train etc.

Think we missed something in the list? Share your ideas in the messageboard below.

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