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Valentine's Day 2016: Your love horoscope!

By Monisha Singh Dudaney
Last updated on: February 12, 2016 17:08 IST
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Monisha Singh Dudaney tells you what you can expect from your love life this year!

Valentine's Day Astro 2016





2016 Love Mantra: Discover your hidden feelings

If your date is an Arian man:

Spontaneity and chemistry rules this date. Get ready to be treated like a queen. Laugh aloud, don't be shy, be impulsive!

The ideal Valentine gift:

Classy and spontaneous the Arian man loves personalised experiences. Gift him a hand crafted item, a watch, a tangy cologne or gadgets.

If your date is an Arian woman:

She loves to be treated and spoken with gentleness. The Arian woman is punctual and observant and will demand all your attention. So be ready and make sure you don’t look at the bill or your watch!

The ideal Valentine gift:

Gift her a holiday, musical concert tickets, a diamond ring or a great book.

Compatible signs: Scorpio and Virgo

Lucky colour: Green

Lucky stone: Jade




2016 Love Mantra: It is all about love and passion

If your date is a Taurean man:

Affectionate and demonstrative, your Taurean man will show how much he cares in words and in action. Get ready to be serenaded with hugs, flowers, great food and passionate conversation.

The ideal Valentine gift:

Gift him an after-shave lotion, colourful shirts, socks, mural, sculpture, a rocking chair, cushion covers to match the sofa or a money plant for good luck.

If your date is a Taurean woman:

She loves simple yet beautiful things. Cook for her, it will mean more to her than some fancy restaurant.

The ideal Valentine gift:

Gift her pottery, art, handbag, kitchen utensils interesting linen or home décor.

Compatible signs: Virgo and Capricorn

Lucky colour: Purple

Lucky stone: Pearl




2016 Love Mantra: Capture the essence of romance and see it work its magic

If your date is a Gemini man:

Light hearted, fun loving with a touch of witty sarcasm, the Gemini man will be full of wonderful stories. Get ready for a special fine dining experience. Make sure you dress up to impress.

The ideal Valentine gift:

The Gemini man loves his crisp one shade shirts, cuff links, stationery and powerful masculine cologne. 

If your date is a Gemini woman:

She loves live music performances, theatre, art and live bands.

Ambience is vital to her as well as good manners. Give her your complete attention and see how special she makes you feel.

The ideal Valentine gift:

Romantic songs on a CD, dark red lipstick, mascara, soft cushions and matching quilt, a great mythological story book, set of pearls earrings, a bling clutch bag…take your pick!

Compatible signs: Libra and Aries

Lucky colour: Brown

Lucky stone: Tiger eye




2016 Love Mantra: Know that only love is real

If your date is a Cancerian man:

Soft hearted and soft spoken the Cancerian man will mould himself to become one with you. Get ready for a red carpet treatment and a cosy wine and dine experience. You can look forward to flowers, cake, instrumental music and a surprise ring in your glass!

The ideal Valentine gift:

Gift him plants, pens, electronic gadgets, a new phone or a snazzy office bag with stylish zips.

If your date is a Cancerian woman:

She loves nature, green grass, wild flowers, chilled wine and a good conversation. Expect to be charmed in an outdoor setting, enjoying the sunset before heading for dinner.

The ideal Valentine gift:

Flavoured tea, pots and pans, incense sticks, painting or sculpture of fairies or a Zen Buddha, a pack of tarot cards with love spells in them would intrigue her.

Compatible signs: Virgo and Taurus

Lucky colour: Cream

Lucky stone: White sapphire




2016 Love Mantra: Believe in the miracle of love

If your date is a Leo man:

Give him the love and attention he so desires. The Leo man loves pomp and grandeur. Plan a grand meal, an outdoor activity like swimming, fishing or animal gazing, he will be thrilled.

The ideal Valentine gift:

Get him a unique calendar with his name inscribed, a selection of alcohol, a branded gift item or an adventure trip to indulge his wild side.

If your date is a Leo woman:

Impress her with uninterrupted conversations around her favourite subjects. Win her over with compliments and appreciation of her artistic knowledge.

The ideal Valentine gift:

Gift her a hamper of lovely things that include the best slices, jam, chocolate, coffees and great cake mixes. Or gift her a session at a spa and if you want to be extravagant buy her a great piece of jewellery.

Compatible signs:  Aries and Gemini

Lucky colour: Orange

Lucky stone: Red coral




2016 Love Mantra: Elegance and honesty make a rare combination for love

If your date is a Virgo man:

A Virgo man loves a feminine woman, wearing trinkets and anklets and dressed to kill. Let him make you feel wonderful.

The ideal Valentine gift:  

Gift him gadgets, gaming console, great shades, formal shirt, leather boots. Win his heart with a home cooked meal.

If your date is a Virgo woman:

She's posh from the word go so match her attitude. She loves a good joke. So be the knight in shining armour and make her laugh.

The ideal Valentine gift:

A handwritten letter will bring a smile on her face. Or you could gift her linen, kitchen accessories, a quaint tea set, a beautiful vase, scented candles, incense sticks and holders or a lovely writing pad.

Compatible signs: Aries and Aquarius

Lucky colour: Yellow

Lucky stone: Cats eye




2016 Love Mantra: Charisma will work all that you desire

If your date is a Libran man:

You can look forward to a magnificent day. He is quite likely to take you to the local club for some fun and then a long drive to speak his heart.

The ideal Valentine gift:

Libran men love exquisite and rare things like antiques, carpets, a bottle of Chardonnay, retro music / records, a painting or a great musical evening.

If your date is a Libran woman:

Libran women like to look their best and expect you to go that extra mile to make her feel special. Make sure you wear great pair of shoes!

The ideal Valentine gift:

Gift her a dress, handbag, boots, ear loops, blingy scarves or a portrait of her sketched and framed.

Compatible signs: Aries and Gemini

Lucky colour: Lavender

Lucky stone: Amethyst




2016 Love Mantra: Get real about everything you desire

If your date is a Scorpio man:

A Scorpio man is deeply passionate. A date with him would mean flowers, perfect lighting, chilled champagne, strawberries and chocolates cosy conversations. Flow with it and you will fall in love.

The ideal Valentine gift:

Gift him a piece of art, a personalised pen or photo frame or a fancy lamp.

If your date is a Scorpio woman:

If a Scorpion woman has chosen you then expect the best of everything. She loves giving and expects chivalry so go ahead and charm her.

The ideal Valentine gift:

Scented cinnamon candles, perfumes, bag and shoes will make her happy.

Compatible signs: Virgo and Capricorn

Lucky colour: Red

Lucky stone: Ruby




2016 Love Mantra: Know that you deserve it all

If your date is a Sagittarian man:

The day of love is an enthusiastic and fun. Expect yourself to be treated to fine wine, gourmet food and an experience worth remembering.

The ideal Valentine gift:

Gift him leather jacket, watch or a silk shirt. A thoughtful deed will touch his generous heart.

If your date is a Sagittarian woman:

Amenable and free-spirited, they are happy to go with the flow and will be fun to be with.

The ideal Valentine gift:

Book her into a fabulous yoga class or buy her a great pair of jeans.

Compatible signs: Capricorn and Pisces

Lucky colour: Pink

Lucky stone: Rose quartz




2016 Love Mantra:  Build your love on friendship 

If your date is a Capricorn man:

His dry witty sense of humour and ability to single you out will make you feel special.

Capricorn men are slow and cautious, dependable and steady partners. Their style is solid, so expect sweet gestures.

The ideal Valentine gift:

A bottle of the best wine, a chic tie or gift vouchers from their favourite music store will make them happy.

If your date is a Capricorn woman:

Capricorn women like to be wooed, celebrated and taken care of. Plan a fun evening and let her do all the talking.

The ideal Valentine gift:

Shoes and solid tees is what you should pick your Capricorn woman just make sure they are brandd. She doesn’t like surprises, so pick something she’s had her eye on from before.

Compatible signs: Sagittarius and Scorpio

Lucky colour: White

Lucky stone: Opal




2016 Love Mantra: Go with the flow in love

If your date is an Aquarian man:

He can seem self-absorbed and aloof but will be attentive as he will take you to an open-air restaurant and you will enjoy your date immensely.

It's wise to be slow and steady with him and allow him to take the lead.

The ideal Valentine gift:

A cologne, a well-tailored shirt, books on technology and sports gear will excite him.

If your date is an Aquarian woman:

Independent and breezy she may not be your easiest date. Small caring gestures mean a lot to her. Book a table at her favourite restaurant. She may be moody or quiet, give space, don’t judge.

The ideal Valentine gift:

She loves chunky jewellery, traditional clothes, instrumental music and flavoured coffee.

Compatible signs: Sagittarius and Libra

Lucky colour: Yellow

Lucky stone: Emerald




2015 Love Mantra: Make connections, follow your heart

If your date is a Piscean man:

Romantic and considerate he will make sure that special place he chooses to take you to is perfect. Enjoy luxury with this special man!

The ideal Valentine gift:

A swimming gear, a beach ball, colourful frisbee, camping equipment will thrill the outdoor-loving Piscean.

If your date is a Piscean woman:

Piscean women epitomise class, compassion and beauty and are extremely dreamy and committed in love. She will make you feel special with her charm.

The ideal Valentine gift:

Tickets to watch a live cookery show, cookbooks or pearl/ruby jewellery will make her happy.

Compatible signs: Sagittarius and Virgo

Lucky colour: Blue

Lucky stone: Blue sapphire

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