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This article was first published 9 years ago  » Getahead » #JabWeMet: She did not reveal her name

#JabWeMet: She did not reveal her name

Last updated on: February 20, 2015 20:08 IST
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We had invited you, dear readers, to share your love stories.

Here, Ramashankar Shaw tells us how he found love 17 years ago.

Ramashankar with his wife Lalita

I was just 19 years old when I first met her.

She had then sought admission for Bachelor in Commerce in a different section of the college I was studying in.

Since I was a batch senior, we decided to rag our juniors on the first day.

We started off with the girls by asking them their name and other details.

Some were scared but the conversation was friendly.

Next, we entered the class and I saw her sitting alone in the first bench.

I went to her asked "New admission?"

She said "Yes" to which I replied "Don't you have manners to stand and speak when you are talking to your seniors?"

She got scared and stood up.

I asked, "What is your name?"

"Why should I tell you my name?" she said in a soft but harsh tone.

I simply turned around and came out of her classroom. But her words were still ringing in my ears -- sweet and simple. 

My friends warned me that she is a snob and arrogant too.

I challenged my friends that she will soon be my friend.

After that everybody forgot the incident. I still did not know her name.

After about two months I met her at a bus stop near her house.

I immediately recognised her as the same arrogant girl.

I said 'Hi' to her to which she responded.

She was going to college and we boarded the same bus.

We sat together, and talked. She told me her name -- Lalita Bhati.

I found her to be a sweet, simple and friendly girl.

When we entered the college together my friends who were standing at the entrance were stunned.

How did it happen? I told them that I happened to meet her on the way to college.

After that day, we regularly went home together, and I even dropped her before heading home.

I sometimes picked her up from near her home and dropped her to college. From 'just friends' we became 'good friends.'

I purchased a bike and we roam around Calcutta.

I have enjoyed the best days of my life riding with her.

Soon, I began to miss her.

I always thought about her and could not stay away without talking to her.

She also had the same feelings.

Once, we were sitting facing the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata. 

The sun was about to set and I hugged her.

She asked me, "Do you love me?" and I said, "Yes, I love you."

Then I asked her, "Do you love me?" and replied, "Yes, I love you."

That night was terrible for me as I knew we could never be together as our families will never accept us.

She belonged to the Marwari community and I belonged to the Jaiswal community from Uttar Pradesh.

The following day, I met her and told I love you and that is the only thing I could give her and that we could not marry each other.

Time flew. We even tried to cut off all ties with one another for the next few months.

But destiny had something else in store for us. 

After six years, I asked her, "Will you marry me?" and she said, "Yes."

Now, there was no turning back.

I was working in a BPO for a salary of Rs 7,000.

Luckily I had my own flat.

We married against the wishes and presence of our family members.

My friends were always beside me, supporting and helping us in every possible way to start a new life. Thank you all.

Our journey began with a lot of struggles but Lalita was always by my side.

We worked in the same BPO for two and a half years.

She quit after pregnancy and our first son Pritesh was born.

I also left the job and started an STD booth followed by a cyber cafe.

We now run a computer and IT products showroom.

In the mean time, our daughter Siddhi was born. Our family was complete.

Today, her family has accepted us and everything is back to normal.

We've been together for 17 years but I still remember seeing you on the first day of college -- September 14, 1998.


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