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Sonnalli And Her 52 Bikinis

July 13, 2023 16:34 IST

Sonnalli A Sajnani has been bringing serious garmi to our Instagram feeds with the mouthwateringly scrumptious, utterly delicious its and bits that pass off as her swimsuits.

The actor just returned from a memorable trip to the Maldives where she modelled dozens of types/stripes/editions/species of skimpywear for the beach and pool for us -- how many does she have? -- as she pursued her rishta with the sun.

It's been a month since Kolkata-born Sonnalli, who is a model and anchor too, tied the knot with the man behind the Bombay Food Truck and restaurateur Ashesh Sajnani. Her sojourn on Kanifushi Island seems to have been their honeymoon.

Here's viewing the many times the Pyaar Ka Punchnama girl showed us what real beach fashion looks like.

IMAGE: Wowie kazowie!!!!
Sonnalli Babe, be a doll and hand over that glass of coconut water to your followers and let them cool off.
All photographs: Kind courtesy Sonnalli A Sajnani/Instagram


IMAGE: When you are done looking at the brief bikini, her figure and the white sand she has playfully kicked up, look at those perfect red bow lips.
Lesson? Always carry lipstick to the beach.
'If you could tell your younger self anything what would you?' asks Sonnalli and answers her own question in one breath:. 'I would tell little Sonnalli to love herself so much that it's always enough'.


IMAGE: Be honest and raise your hands if you didn't notice the blazing sun in the background.
And there is only one sound for her animal print bikini top -- Rrrrr.


IMAGE: Jhoola Jhulaaye... Where is Ashesh?
Swinging her way to the top of our Insta feeds in a stunning pink dress which shows her glorious legs to their best advantage.


IMAGE: What does heaven look like?
Sonnallii's Noorani Chehra. Her 'soaking it all' see-through kurta dotted with sequins. Safed, resham sand of Lhaviyani Atoll. Turquoise Indian Ocean.


IMAGE: Somewhere between where the infinity pool ends and the sea begins a temptress in white, named 'Truck Daddy' Ke Ashesh Ki Sweety, is perched.