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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » Ouch! Mumbai among the worst cities to visit

Ouch! Mumbai among the worst cities to visit

Last updated on: May 26, 2014 15:38 IST

Image: Sea of people! Commuters disembark from crowded suburban trains during the morning rush hour at Churchgate railway station in Mumbai. Travellers found Mumbai to be the worst in the world to 'get around' in.
Photographs: Vivek Prakash/Reuters

A latest survey from TripAdvisor is bound to leave Mumbaikars fuming. Read on!

Mumbai, that teeming metropolis which never sleeps is one of the worst cities in the world to travel to.

This was revealed by a survey that was based on more than 54,000 responses from those who have recently written reviews for featured cities around the world on

The city is the economic capital of India but it was in the bottom of the second annual Cities Survey that reveals how travellers view key tourist cities around the world, a press release said.

According to the survey, Mumbai was at the bottom of the list in the following categories:

  • Street cleanliness
  • Ease of getting around
  • Overall experience

It also scored poorly, ending third from the last position in tourist attractions it has to offer and 'family-friendliness'.

While its rival, New Delhi didn't make it anywhere to the top, it was also nowhere close to Mumbai's abysmal ranking.

Now that must hurt!

Which were the worst cities to travel to in the world?

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Image: Don't expect any help: According to the survey, Moscow locals are the least helpful of the lot :(
Photographs: Dylan Martinez/Reuters

The capital city of Russia that recently hosted the winter Olympics scored worse than Mumbai and was scraping the bottom of the barrel in five of the 16 categories:

  • Helpful locals
  • Friendly taxi drivers
  • Best taxi services
  • Best value for money
  • Hotels

It ended second last in family friendliness (scoring a spot above Mumbai), restaurants and shopping and third last in 'best overall experience'.

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Image: Poor nightlife and public transport: Tourist and people walk at Djemaa el-Fna square, a popular tourist area in the center of Marrakech. (Pictures used here for representational purposes only.)
Photographs: Amr Abdallah Dalsh/Reuters

Giving Mumbai and Moscow company at the bottom of the list was the Moroccan city of Marrakech that scored the worst in the following categories:

  • Best public transport
  • Family-friendliness
  • Best for Nightlife

It was ranked third from the last in the following categories:

  • Helpful locals
  • Ease of getting around
  • Comfort travelling alone
  • Best Restaurants

And second from the last for its streets' cleanliness.

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Punta Cana

Image: If travelling alone is your thing, Punta Cana, with all its beautiful beaches, is certainly not the place to go to, the survey reveals.
Photographs: Ben Kucinski/Wikimedia Creative Commons

Don't let this picture fool you.

The beach district of the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana is also among the worst places to visit, according to the survey.

From among the 16 categories on which various cities were judged, Punta Cana ended at the very bottom in the following categories:

  • Comfort travelling alone
  • Best Restaurants
  • Best for Attractions
  • Best for Shopping

And it ended second from the last in the following:

  • Ease of getting around
  • Best for culture
  • Best for nightlife
  • Best overall experience

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Sharm el-Sheikh

Image: What passes off as tourist attraction: Egyptian Ragab Cobra, 22, holds tourists while putting his face in broken glass in Sharm el-Sheikh.
Photographs: Amr Abdallah Dalsh/Reuters

The Egyptian city of Sharm el-Sheikh was third from the last in public transport, second from the last in tourist attractions and comfort in travelling alone and the absolute last for cultural experience.

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Image: Good luck trying to get a cab! A man gestures for a taxi in the rain in Beijing.
Photographs: China Photos/Getty Images

It may have hosted a stupendous Olympics some years ago but Beijing seems to have learnt little from that experience as travellers found its locals far from helpful, taxi drivers far from friendly and taxi services far from convenient. It stood second from last in the three categories.

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Rio de Janeiro

Image: May the lord help you! Don't expect any value for money, good hotels or shopping options in Rio, say TripAdvisor users. Seen here is the statue of Christ the Redeemer casting a shadow on passing clouds atop of Corcovado mountain in Rio de Janeiro.
Photographs: Gary Hershorn/Reuters

The good folks at Brazil Tourism have a lot of reasons to worry.

As the country gets set to host the FIFA World Cup in June and the 2016 Olympics, its second largest city, Rio de Janeiro finds itself in three unenvious spots.

It scores second from the last for value for money and hotels and third from the last for shopping. :-(

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The list of shame

Image: If unclean streets and coups don't bother you much, Bangkok is the place to go! :-P Anti-government protesters pause as they clean a street in Bangkok's shopping district. (Picture used here for representational purposes only.)
Photographs: Nir Elias/Reuters

Here are other cities that scored the least in the following categories in the TripAdvisor survey:

  • Brussels: Third last in 'Friendliest taxi drivers'
  • Kuala Lumpur: Third last in 'Best taxi services'
  • Bangkok: Third last in 'Cleanest streets'
  • Hanoi: Second last in 'Public transport' and third last in 'Best for nightlife'
  • Copenhagen: Third last in 'Value for money'

Which is the worst city you have visited?

Why was your experience so bad?

We would like to hear you out!

Post a picture you may have taken during your visit to the city and tell us what made it so bad on Rediff ZaraBol #WorstCity