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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » Women must snatch their rights by excelling: Saina Nehwal

Women must snatch their rights by excelling: Saina Nehwal

Last updated on: March 7, 2013 18:30 IST

Women must snatch their rights by excelling: Saina Nehwal

Divya Nair
The first badminton player to bring home an Olympic medal, Saina on par with any other male fellow player. But when it comes to equality of rights, she strongly feels that most Indian women are not aware of what they truly deserve.

From being the first player ever to win the prestigious Asian Satellite Badminton tournament to bagging the country's first Olympic bronze medal for badminton, Saina Nehwal has a string of achievements to her credit.

The 22-year-old is a reigning sportsperson who has inspired several young women to pursue a career in sports.

In this interview, the go-getter tells us why she feels women are not treated equal to men and how they can go about empowering themselves through rightful education.

What according to you are the greatest issues facing women today?

I find women in general are not treated equal as men.

A majority of them are not well educated.

The number of women in Parliament does not equal men.

Similarly, the percentage of women in IAS, IPS or other Indian services is comparatively less.

These are some of the differences I could think of.

Women are fighting issues on an every day level.

If men and women were treated as equals, why are women brutalised? Why so many rape cases? Why are women so malnourished?

Is there any discrimination in the field of sports?

In my opinion, if I look (at myself), I have found no difference between me and a male player. I am paid equal amount of prize money and treated on par as any male player in our country.

What in your opinion should women do to empower themselves?

I feel that a majority of Indian women are performing behind the scenes, they must come forward.

They need to be well educated and aware of their rights. Once they start competing for their rights, every thing will go well.

People in power can do a lot for society. Men and women need to be treated as equals.

What are the qualities you admire in Indian women?

Indian women are beautiful and talented.

Your advice to our women readers

Do your best to achieve the goal. Do what makes you distinct than others. Snatch your rights by excelling in your pursuits. Do maximum for the distinction in your field.

Good luck to one and all on the auspicious women's day.

Image: Saina Nehwal