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This article was first published 8 years ago  » Getahead » How to make your home eco-friendly

How to make your home eco-friendly

By Tripti Rai
February 21, 2016 11:42 IST
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Instead of looking for a new house, renovate your house and put the cost and economy worry at rest.

Every now and then our home needs a change or some update. They can look tired and old in dire need of some freshness. And what is better to perk up your house than adding those environment-friendly touches that offer the best of all worlds -- costs less, refreshes your house, accommodates your lifestyle, and is long lasting. So if you want some environment savvy ways to make your house fresh and as good as new, here are the ways...

Invest in reclaimed woods

Instead of buying new wood, use reclaimed or salvaged woods for your furnishing needs. You will easily find them in old warehouses or wood factories. Along with giving your house a rustic yet antique look, you will save the environment and your pocket at the same time.

Reclaimed woods can be a great option, complementing flooring, counter-tops, and the walls.

Make your house energy efficient

The next time you go shopping for electrical appliances, makes sure they are energy efficient. Check that from the number of stars they are given by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, India. This is not enough; make sure that your house is well insulated to help in reducing a large amount of the heat coming in your house when the weather is hot, and then hold the warmth in the house when it is cold outside.

Use low VOC paint

To add a new dash of colour to your boring room, use paint that has low VOC. VOC or volatile organic compounds are the mixtures that releases detrimental molecules in the air, leading to a number of potential long-term health ill-effects.

Go for paints that are odourless, splatter resistant, and a 100 per cent acrylic.

Take advantage of sun to its core

By soaking the sun to your utmost need can come across as a great option when you are looking to lower the electricity bill and water heater bills. Solar panelling can be used to supply electricity to your house and by placing the window to get maximum sun exposure will help you shove the room temperature controller in winters, for good. While you are at it, install solar water heaters to keep the hot water requirements that you have, under control. 

Plant a terrace garden

To give your house the perfect dab of freshness, grow a terrace garden with leafy plants that have an aroma, like mint. A garden full of plants is the easiest way to freshen your house and give it a classy look in no time. 

There is nothing gratifying than making your house all new without the guilt of disturbing the environment cycle resting on your conscience. While these are just five points that you can use, but there are many many more ways when you set your heart to making your house environmentally sound.

Photograph: See-ming Lee/Wikimedia Commons

Tripti Rai, a keen observer who writes for 99acres and swears on fiction readings. Professionally working with a concentrated focus on real estate sector, she keeps her readers informed about latest developments in real time through her writing. When found not writing or reading, she is busy thinking about the next book or writing inspiration.

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Tripti Rai