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6 common misleading real estate terms

By Tripti Rai
January 31, 2016 09:38 IST
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Run and do not look back when you see these real estate code words

We all know how overwhelming it can get to sort through all those properties floating in the market just to find that perfect house with all our must-have amenities and a great neighbourhood.

What's more shattering than finding the ideal house after much deliberation, which even when it falls within your pocket's range, is only to find that it is not what was promised. Apart from ensuring that the advertisement or listing was verified, by searching on only those websites that offer genuine and well surveyed listings, the other thing that can save you getting disappointed is knowing the true meaning of some of the overly used double meaning real estate phrases.

Here, let us take a look at them:

1. The house has great character

A house with character could mean anything from a well in the basement to secret doorways leading to an unknown part of the house. Along with character some other phrases that commonly describe a house with an unaccounted past can be -- mysterious, full of history, heritage house etc.

2. The house is in the city's hottest neighbourhood

Words like coveted and popular mostly mean that the locality is yet to make a mark in the real estate market. At times it can also mean that the neighbourhood is going to be hot in some uncertain number of years down the line.

Even if your research says that the locality is a hot one even in the present day, do not make this a deal breaker. The neighbourhood that is hot now may or may not remain this popular, five or ten years later.

3. The house is very cozy

The word cozy can and most of the time means small space. The square feet area that cozy depicts can vary from city to city. But it is frequently noted that listings that mention cozy are generally advertising small size houses.

So next time before you invest your time in viewing a cozy house, imagine how you would like to live in such a space-starved house.

4. The house is very close to schools and shopping complexes

It would really be amazing to live close to your kids' school, your office, and some entertainment junction. But when it says that that house is near school and/or office and shopping malls, it generally means that is located somewhere between both.

Before being swayed away, imagine the traffic and activity around your house day in day out.

5. The house has so much potential

It can also be read as 'the house need your touch' also meaning that you do the repairs, paint the house, work on the floorings the way you would like it to be. If you are ready to move in a raw flat with the major repair/installation and painting work undone, follow the listing.

6. The house has a natural curb

Natural Curb, also known as Mini Jungle is the type where you will have elephant sized weeds growing in your curb and even in the backyard. It will even have a mini zoo with snakes and rats.

So unless you want to share your house with different species or take up mowing as a permanent job, ignore this advertisement.

These are the six most commonly used double meaning phrases by the dealers and advertisers alike. While the real picture might be different than what is generally seen, do an initial level background check before investing time in viewing the property.

It's true that the mere process of looking for houses makes one an expert on the topic in zero time, there is no one website or property realtor that would inform you of the real meanings behind their listings. So the next time before you fix an appointment by reading or hearing a listing, make sure you remember these six double meaning code phrases.

Photograph: Reuters

Tripti Rai, a keen observer who writes for and swears on fiction readings. Professionally working with a concentrated focus on real estate sector, she keeps her readers informed about latest developments in real time through her writing. When found not writing or reading, she is busy thinking about the next book or writing inspiration.

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