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How to Bounce Back After Being Laid Off

July 12, 2022 09:16 IST
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'Upgrade your skills to adapt to the ever changing work dynamics and adopt new skills to remain employable and relevant in future.'

How to bounce back after a layoff

Illustration: Dominic Xavier/

Losing a job can be tough.

If you are not able to find an immediate replacement, you may struggle with your finances.

Apart from the guilt and insecurity, temporary employment may also lead to poor self esteem and anxiety in professionals.

While it's important to understand where you probably went wrong, it is equally critical to get back on your feet and take the next step forward.

In the concluding part of the series, Divya Nair/ speaks to hiring experts and entrepreneurs who tell you how to get your career back on track.

How To Bounce Back: Tips For Professionals

  • Upgrade your skills to adapt to the ever changing work dynamics and adopt new skills to remain employable and relevant in future.
    Invest in your growth and practice continuous learning.
  • Be strong and confident.
    Believe and invest in yourself.
    Don't let the situation bog you down. Confront it and bounce back.
  • Look for work integrated learning programmes which stress on application of knowledge and balance it with the brand. There may be many online programmes available, but look for blended learning programmes that help in holistic development.
  • Apart from digital skills, employers are keen to hire and retain employees with a solution mindset, adaptability, creativity and learnability.

Tips For Entrepreneurs

  • If you have invested a lot of money on growth and expansion in terms of resources and your business is still not scaling up, it's a classic start-up error. Always remember -- Never bite more than you can chew.
    Start slow and keep building as you grow confident.
  • Instead of blaming, take ownership. It's okay to make mistakes. But instead of finding excuses and blaming something or someone, own it up and move forward.
  • Support your staff. A lot of founders start planning weeks and months in advance where they reach out to other organisations and entrepreneurs to set up job interviews or offer financial help for a stipulated period.
    In other cases, they'd encourage staff to look for opportunities elsewhere while they are still employed.
  • Productivity and return on capital are two metrics that needs to be constantly monitored to analyse whether a company is growing or sinking.
  • As organisations struggle to fulfill the demand and supply gap for the talent, they must incorporate upskilling programmes to make their employees future ready.
    Setting up a clear career path with consistent feedback meetings will help employees understand their potential areas of growth, which must be worked upon.
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