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This article was first published 8 years ago  » Getahead » 9 natural ways to remove makeup

9 natural ways to remove makeup

By Christine Rodricks
October 14, 2015 14:21 IST
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Discover the secret to a clear skin with these natural remedies.

Make up if kept for long can damage your skinMakeup, if left for long, clogs the pores on your face which leads to acne break outs or dry skin. 

Presenting nine quick remedies to remove make up easily, effectively and naturally.

Honey and Baking soda

A little bit of honey on a clean washcloth and some baking soda added up and you got your own makeup remover.

The mixture works on any type of makeup and feels gentle too.

Baby wipes

Baby wipes are another great way to remove makeup naturally.

They are so gentle that you don't have to worry about acne breaking out or irritating your skin at all.

If you want a quick and less messy way to remove your makeup this is definitely a great way to do it!


Fill up a basin of hot water and lean over the steam and it will open up all your pores which means removing make up just got easier.

You could also place a towel over your face and hold it over a sink with steaming hot water.

This dislodges your make up making it easier for cleansing.

Olive oil

Olive oil contains a lot of different healing properties.

It also has several softening agents as well.

If you have dry skin, olive oil does the cleansing trick naturally.

This is the perfect way to keep your skin moist after you've washed your face.


Just pour some milk right onto a cotton ball and gentle swipe over your eye makeup.

This helps in getting rid of stubborn smudge free eyeliner and mascara that has clung to your lids and lashes all day.

Baby lotion

Just like milk, go ahead and place a dab or two on a cotton ball and swipe baby lotion across your lids.

You'll be pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of this little trick.

Baby oil

Baby oil is another way to get rid of that mascara.

Mascara is by far the hardest makeup to get off, but with a little baby oil, it comes off in no time at all.


This is only used for eye makeup.

Vaseline is very thick and can clog your pores easily, so when you are using Vaseline you want to make sure that you are washing your face with soap and water afterwards.


Finally, just a few swipes of chapstick under your eyes and a rub in by a cotton ball is another great way you can remove your eye makeup easily!

Facial wash, scrubs and masks

These should be used occasionally as it dries your skin out.

If you are worried about toning and want to keep it intact, a paste of multani mitti (Fuller's earth) spread across your face, tightens the pores so that no chemicals from your make up seeps in.

Once you've tried one of these methods to take off all the makeup use a gentle face wash and don’t scrub too harsh.

Your skin has been in makeup all day and needs to breathe.

Lead image used for representational purposes only. Credit: Mark Emery/CReative Commons

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Christine Rodricks