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Are you neglecting your health?

By Brinda Sapat
February 24, 2016 08:54 IST
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Here are 10 simple tips for a healthy mind and body.

Izabel Goulart, model

Photograph: Kind Courtesy iza_goulart/Instagram

The world is moving so fast, and so are we.

Our lives revolve around work and family commitments, relationships and social life.

Even though, we are burdened by expectations that are hard to achieve, we still continue to work towards accomplishing them.

But in this process, we tend to neglect ourselves.

Just think about it - Do you really give time to your own health?

Do you train yourself well to remain fit, both mentally and physically?

Guess not!

Then, it's high time for you to take YOURSELF seriously. Here's how:

1. Meditate

Starting the day with a clear mind sets you up for a calmer day.

Just 10 minutes of quiet time focussing on your breath is enough.

2. Prioritize

Making a priority list helps you gain clear perspective.

Here is an example to go by:

  • Family
  • Work
  • Food
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Something you like to do
  • Social life
  • Everything else

3. Declutter

Cut out all unnecessary things.

Right from the schedule of your day to your bedroom drawer.

We tend to store a lot of things, or over-schedule our days quite unnecessarily.

Plan your day wherein you can go about it without feeling rushed.

Cancel the coffee with the friend you don't really care about.

Toss out the things you don't want in your bedroom.

The fewer things you have, the fewer you need to deal with.

4. Plan your day

Spend a few minutes every morning or the previous night to plan your day.

Plan your meals too (read more about food below).

A bit of planning will save you a lot of time.

5. Exercise

Exercising has to be on your priority list, BEFORE social obligations or things you like to do.

Your body is all you have of yourself.

Keeping yourself in the best of health is of utmost importance, for yourself and your loved ones.

Dedicate time 6 days a week to some form of exercise that you enjoy.

Ideally your body must get cardiovascular exercise, resistance and stretching exercises.

6. Eat the foods that do you good

Tempting as they are, junk foods or high fat foods damage your body.

Think of your body as an expensive car.... and think of the kind of fuel you would put in. Get the drift?

Eat foods that are good for the mechanism.

All the functions of your body will perform better when they are given the foods that help them do it.

Stock up on whole grains, fish, poultry, legumes, vegetables & fruits.

Well balanced foods give you a well balanced body and mind.

Thoughtfully plan your meals in advance.

Simply do not get into the house, foods that are not good for you- processed, high fat, sweet and fried foods.

That way there is no chance of you eating them!

7. Walk when the distance in under 20 minutes

Errands are a great way to kick in extra activity and calorie burn.

Do the errand yourself! Do not take the car, bus or taxi.

Enjoy the walk. Breathe in the air. Pop in your favourite music.

8. Take the stairs

Make a habit of taking the stairs every day.

Just a couple of weeks and you will notice the difference.

It helps burn fat and strengthen the leg muscles.

9. Plan active outings with friends and family

Skip the dinner and movie plans and go for a swim, cycle or walk.

Plan a trek picnic or book a salsa teacher for an evening at home.

10. Do something uplifting for yourself

Play a sport, pick up a new hobby, solve the crossword, learn the piano or flower arranging.

Constructively engage your mind and body.

Remember, the more physically active you start getting, you will enjoy life more.

The more healthy you start eating, the lighter and better you begin to feel.

The more you plan your day, the smoother it goes.

And thus you gain the calm and balance physically and mentally, as you move through the chaos without getting shaken!

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