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10 simple ways to get back in shape

By Brinda Sapat
April 13, 2016 12:01 IST
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The secret to staying fit lies in doing simple and healthy things every day, says Brinda Sapat.

How to get back in shape

These helpful tips will boost your shaping up plan for the summer.

Small, but crucial changes will make all the difference, so read up!

1. Dedicate at least 30 minutes 6 days a week to exercise

Do any form of exercise you enjoy that combines cardiovascular and strength training. This burns fat and tones up the muscles.

2. Focus!

The more you focus on the exercise as you are doing it, the more effective it becomes.

Distraction of the mind doesn't allow you to connect with and perform the exercise to the fullest.

3. Take the stairs

Adding this to your daily routine increases the number of calories burned and tightens up the lower body.

4. Walk/cycle short distances

Do your errands by walking or cycling instead of a car, taxi or bus ride.

5. Do 10 Suryamaskars everyday

A complete cardio and strength exercise working all the major muscles. Fitness in a jiffy!

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6. Cut out the sugar from your tea/coffee

One teaspoon of sugar equals about 16 calories.

If you are used to having two cups a day with two teaspoons, you can cut out 64 calories.

7. Throw out the processed foods

Eat whole grains, fresh and home cooked food.

8. Eat a high protein dinner three hours before bed time

As your body sleeps, it restores the muscles for which it requires protein supply. Since activity is almost nil, fewer carbohydrates are needed.

Load up on chicken, fish or veg protein with a serving of salad and a small portion of whole grain carbs of your choice.

9. Meet your friends over a fitness activity instead of a meal

You will bond over a new experience and get fit. Walk, cycle, go hiking, swim or play a sport together. It's much more fun than dinner!

10. Get adequate sleep

Rest is equally important for the body as eating and exercising. Lack of sleep can cause weight gain. Get enough of zzzzzz's and wake up fresh!

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