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This article was first published 7 years ago  » Getahead » Hot pics: Celebs caught off-duty!

Hot pics: Celebs caught off-duty!

July 28, 2016 17:20 IST
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Here's looking at some of the best travel pics on Instagram right now! 

They'll give you serious vacation goals. 

Nidhi Sunil

IMAGE: Indian model Nidhi Sunil enjoys the Californian sun in Los Angeles. Photograph: Kind courtesy Nidhi Sunil/Instagram  


IMAGE: Kingfisher model Arlette Evita Grao takes in the view of the tower bridge during her vacation in London. Photograph: Kind courtesy Arlette Evita Grao/Instagram

Ujjwala Raut

IMAGE: Supermodel Ujjwala Raut loves cruising around in style. Photograph: Kind courtesy Ujjwala Raut/Instagram

karlie kloss

IMAGE: Supermodel Karlie Kloss is ready to take you for a spin during her holiday in London. Want to ride along? Photograph: Kind courtesy Karlie Kloss/Instagram

alessandra ambrosio

IMAGE: Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio makes the best of her vacation in Santa Monica, California. Photograph: Kind courtesy Alessandra Ambrosio/Instagram

Pia Trivedi

IMAGE: It's time for some posing and preening for model Pia Trivedi, who is enjoying every bit of the monsoon on her road trip to the Amboli Hills in Maharashtra. Photograph: Kind courtesy Pia Trivedi/Instagram

Maria Goretti

IMAGE: Maria Goretti and her son Zeke set out on a weekend trek to Prabalgad (situated close to Panvel near Mumbai). Photograph: Kind courtesy Maria Goretti/Instagram

sara sampaio

IMAGE: Portuguese model Sara Sampaio's vacation in Tulum on Mexico's Caribbean Coast looks like a whole lot of fun, doesn't it? Photograph: Kind Courtesy Sara Sampaio/Instagram

Suzanne Roshan

IMAGE: Sussanne Khan enjoys a game of football with her sons at Hyde Park in London. Photograph: Kind courtesy Sussanne Khan/Instagram

kendall jenner

IMAGE: Victoria's Secret model Kendall Jenner unleashed her wild side on her American sojourn.   Photograph: Kind courtesy Kendall Jenner/Instagram

Bella Hadid

IMAGE: American model Bella Hadid shows off her glamorous side as she bites into an ice cream on her Caribbean vacation. Photograph: Kind courtesy Bella Hadid/Instagram 


Hot pics: How celebs holiday

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