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Black is back; wear grey with style

By Malini Hemlani
October 30, 2014 14:29 IST
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Grey and Black are colours that can go with any season. Here are tips on how to maximise these colours based on your skin tone!

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Black has probably become the most basic colour in all women’s wardrobes and is easily available all year round -- in all styles and at all price bands. It is often the first choice for evening wear -- the classic little black dress (LBD), for instance.

Many women use black as a staple ‘uniform’ for their working wardrobe.

Grey as a shade is taking on High Street and making you look effortlessly chic this season. It is more versatile and less harsh against most complexions than black, and there is a shade to suit everyone.

The best description of the grey trend this season is 'off-duty chic'. It looks effortlessly stylish, understated and tasteful. Whether you go for sharp tailoring, soft and slouchy, sports-luxe or feminine and floaty, the look is always understated and restrained.

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Grey is a great foil for bold colours; pick just one shade to keep it elegant. Pink is a perfect match to grey. Unless you have warm skin tones then you should wear coral pink or orange. If you want to keep your look paired down then just a splash of colour on a garment or in an accessory will do the trick -- again, just one shade is enough.

Love the colour but not sure how to wear it?

If you know your colouring, shopping becomes easier, the choice of colours second nature. You will always have your wardrobe in the right combinations of colours to wear. You will gain colour confidence as you will be assured that you are wearing colours that flatter you.

How colour works

When you wear a colour near your face, the light reflects it upwards; this can either cast a flattering or dark shadow, depending on the mix of the colour and your skin tone. This is why you need to work out on your dominant colouring type and discover which the right colours for you are.

There is psychological aspect to colour too.

The colours you wear can communicate non-verbal messages of various kinds. Soft and light tones will make you feel approachable and friendly, while a red top in a right shade will make you appear assertive and will give you that much needed energy on a stressful day.

Accesorise your blacks with scarves

Scarves are a wonderful addition to any wardrobe and are a fool-proof ally to ensure that black works for you, no matter what your complexion may be.

Choose your scarf in your favourite colour and wear it near your face so that the colours reflecting on to your face are in harmony and balance with your natural complexion.

Accesorise black with jewellery

Wearing jewellery is a sure fire way to make your black outfit flattering. Light will reflect on metals and beads, giving them a lift and bringing out your complexion accordingly. Warm skin tones are best paired with gold, copper and bronze.

Cooler skin tones are best in silver, platinum, and pewter. Diamonds are great on everyone.

Make up

Ensure that you are wearing the ‘right’ shades of make up, keeping your skin tone, hair and colour of eyes in mind.

Many women make the mistake of wearing too strong a shade of lipstick or blusher when wearing black, especially in the evening.

Also avoid the temptation to be over dramatic with your eyeliner and eye shadow colours. is an online Lifestyle journal that covers various genres like lifestyle, health and fitness and technology for Indian consumers.

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Malini Hemlani
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