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Beyond erotic dancer robots: The 10 best robots of CES

By Rediff Get Ahead Bureau
January 16, 2018 09:20 IST
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Stripper robot CES

A 'stripper robot' performs alongside a pole dancer during a debut of the first robotic erotic dancers in the world at Sapphire Las Vegas Gentlemen's Club on the eve of CES 2018.
The Sapphire hosted the robotic dancers throughout the CES, which features about 3,900 exhibitors showing off their latest products and services to more than 170,000 attendees.
Photograph: Alex Wong/Getty Images.


Erotic dance robots might have grabbed the headlines at the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, but the real hot tech was elsewhere.

While the stripper robots were unveiled at a gentleman's club -- timed to coincide with the mega electronic show that is watched by the world -- it was the CES that saw the unveiling of robots that could very well run our future lives.

Some were practical, some sensational and some so cute that we couldn't step away.

Take a look at the top robots of CES 2018.


Aibo dog robot CES

The latest generation of the Sony robotic pet, Aibo won hearts universally. It made it to every top gadget list drawn up post CES.
What's cool about it? You mean other than that adorable face? They are smarter than ever before and can be the watchdog you needed.
Photograph: Alex Wong/Getty Images.


LG's CLOi robot CES

Despite the bugs, LG's CLOi personal assistant robot had everyone talking.
What's so cool about it? If LG can fix the bugs, it can manage everything in a smart home.
Photograph: David Becker/Getty Images.


Aeolus robot CES

The Aeolus Robot demostrates its many abilities.
What so cool about it? It can clean. It can fetch. It can organise, And it can act as a security guard.
Photograph: David Becker/Getty Images.


Sophia robot CES

Sophia, Hanson Robotics' most advanced and celebrated robot with over 79k Twitter followers, got legs for CES.
What's so cool about it? She comes with impressive AI and can hold conversations and give speeches.
Photograph: @RealSophiaRobot/


Kuri robot CES

Kuri is also designed to help in the home.
What's so cool about it? It is already available in the market.
Photograph: @KuriRobot/Twitter.


U-Partner U05 robot CES

The U-Partner U05 humanoid service robots by Canbot.
What's so cool about it? Free speech interaction, microsecond-level face recognition, autonomous obstacle avoidance walking, bionic action control and smart home hub.
Photograph: Alex Wong/Getty Images.


Everest 4 humanoid robot

An Everest 4 humanoid series educational robot by Abilix.
What's so cool about it? The 36-centimeter tall programmable robot will be available this year.
Photograph: Ethan Miller/Getty Images.


Sanbot Max robot CES

The Sanbot Max robots.
What's so cool about it? The Sanbot Max robot can travel up to 11 mph, tow objects as heavy as 880 pounds and carry up to 160 pounds on it's front rack. It can also attach to third party devices and features autonomous mapping and navigation and obstacle avoidance capability.
Photograph: Ethan Miller/Getty Images.


UO Albert robot CES

The UO Albert.
What's so cool about it? This is part of the program Coding&Play for children coding education.
Photograph: Alex Wong/Getty Images.


Stormtrooper robot CES

Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper app-enabled bipedal robots by UBTECH.
What's so cool about it? The robot features a camera in the helmet for facial recognition and augmented reality mode as well as multiple microphones, digital servos, removable and replaceable batteries and sentry and mission modes.
Photograph: Ethan Miller/Getty Images.


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