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This article was first published 9 years ago  » Getahead » Dear young jobseeker, have achche din arrived?

Dear young jobseeker, have achche din arrived?

May 18, 2015 16:50 IST
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As Prime Minister Narendra Modi completes a year in office this month we are asking you, our young job-seekers, to share stories of your struggles.

When he came to power after the 2014 Lok Sabha election, Narendra Modi dedicated his government "to millions of youth of the country"... "and to exploited rural and urban workers", a theme that rang through his high-voltage campaign as well. A constant refrain then was the need for higher economic growth rate that would translate into more jobs for the educated youth pouring out of India's colleges, as well as skills development programmes that would make our youth employable.

As Prime Minister Modi completes a year in office, we are asking you, our dear readers, to share your experiences of finding a job.

Share with us your struggles and your experiences.

Have the famed achche din, according to you, really arrived for you in terms of finding a job? Or is finding a job still as difficult as it was earlier?

What have been your greatest challenges in finding a job? 

Tell us! Write into (subject: My job search) and we will publish the most relevant responses right here on!

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Photograph used for representational purposes only. Image courtesy: Takemany Showfew/Creative Commons.

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