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This article was first published 7 years ago  » Getahead » 5 simple ways you can improve your productivity

5 simple ways you can improve your productivity

By Leo Oommen
July 15, 2016 08:59 IST
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Is your workstation creative and clutter-free? Here's how it directly affects your performance

Improve productivity at work

As the world comes right into your workspace through the latest technologies, gadgets and gizmos that you use, with the information overload from all the possible sites, a shabby space is the last thing you need at work.

Constantly working around the clutter can seriously impede your productivity. And so, it has become quite necessary to understand how to tackle the problems of a messy workspace.

Although some would argue that a cluttered workspace would lead to better productivity.

Some believe the way you keep your desk reflects on how organised your life is. It reflects the inner you.

The trick to tackle such problems is quite difficult, but once you know how to maintain a balance, you will like a pro at problem-solving.

What attracts you is not just the job or the stipend it gives you, but how the work atmosphere is.

This includes almost everything from the desk to the door, the tables, the display pictures on your monitor, the stands, the curtains, the art and your supplies, are all counted in for
the workspace of an office.

The more organised you are, the more productive your work gets. This is a common cliché when it comes to organizing the workspace, and up to some extent, it does hold true.

For some, it is not always organising which leads you to engage in productive work, but more the liberty to work the way you wish to and in what environment you want to.

Dreading Mondays? Not anymore

Why do people dread Mondays? One of the reasons why that happens is, psychologically, they are bored with the neutral grey box or cubicle they work in.

When you have such weariness around you, it is a given that you tend to daydream more and work less, leading to low productivity.

In fact, if you focus on decorating your cubicle into a much pleasant setting, you’ll find that you like being at work a whole lot better.

The work desk is not just limited to your office these days but people have a special space and décor made for work even at home.

The work culture has seen a paradigm change where people take work home as well.

Some find it easier to work at home; one of the reasons would be the level of comfort you find there. To transfer the very same comfort, there is the modern interior designer to help you with that. It is not always feasible for you to find an interior designer.

You need to help yourself and make an inspiring world around your cubicle.

The paper, Ethonomics: Designing For The Principles Of The Modern Workplace authored by Teknion, in collaboration with design experts like Joan Blumenfeld, principal of Perkins+Will revealed that the workplace is ripe for reinvention.

With the space crunch being the top most issue of almost every company, the only way you could solve that issue is by either crafting the space as friendly as possible for the employee or by giving the employee the liberty to carve out his own workspace.

Simple ways to declutter your desk

#1. The purge

An organised office can absorb the incoming work, the tension, and the position of your success.

You cannot create a workspace without the purge. It is not necessary to purge on a daily basis when you have other priorities.

Sometimes purge could take a whole day to just a few hours.

The most important reason or the goal for you to purge is to be completely clutter free.

#2 Hide the wires

An inexpensive and great way to keep computer cables organised is to use squeeze-type paper clips, also known as binder or bulldog clips.

These are the black clips (they come in different colours) with two chrome wire handles that you squeeze and open, to put over a large pile of paper. They're absolutely perfect as cord tidies.

Scott Lesizza, principal at Workwell Partners says one of his clients' most requested solutions is help with eliminating wires and clutter from desktops and conference rooms.

"Between wires, laptops and other electronic devices, to docking stations, paperwork and personal items, there are many things that can make a room full of open desks appear very disorganised," says Lesizza.

#3. Organise with colours

Using colour as an organising tool is one of the most effective ways to save time and be more productive.

We instinctively recognise colours and associate meaning to them far faster than we can read text.

By applying this principle to your daily work processes, you can work faster and reduce stress.

The goal is not to be colourful but colour-purposeful. You could make colour block desk magnets; just like with bobby pins, it seems like you can never find a paper clip when you need one.

The colour block desk magnet makes sure your paperclips stay put and out of your junk drawer once and for all.

Several studies state that using colour boosts happiness, productivity and creativity.

Now-a-days we see offices where they integrate pops of colour in unexpected ways and therefore strive to be at the forefront of offering a wide colour spectrum of accessories and furniture.

#4. Bring outdoors in

If there is no green in the space, it isn’t finished yet. But if you’re worried about forgetting to care for any office greenery, try making succulents out of paper!

They look just like the real thing, without the worry of watering and sunlight and all the other necessities of plant care.

If you believe yourself to be good at gardening even by keeping one actual minimal size plant, then you should go for it. But remember the duties and responsibilities of managing
them in the best way too.

#5 End the permanency

Change is something which is constant and when it comes to change in workspace, be it your home workspace or office workspace, you need to keep in mind the need of change and how it would help you to increase your creative space through this very change.

Flexibility is what the youngsters love about in their work culture.

You can end the permanency around you by always being innovative, changing the placement of things around you.

You could create your own movable coloured storage boxes using different materials; make it as creative as possible.

These are not the only ways you could make your desk more organised and efficient.

There are a millions ideas which might come to your head and this can help you make your workspace unique.

Pinterest has a plethora of DIY ideas that you could use to beautify your station.

People do not realise the clutter around them as at some stage they become de-sensitised to the surroundings they work in. But the psychology of how it affects their work is later recognised.

What might seem paradoxical is when you declutter your workspace, you clean your mind for better functioning.

You feel better when you can quickly locate what you need and can spend your time doing more important tasks at work.

The right way to organise your desk is to combine your personal liking and productivity system with your office system or work methods.

What I would suggest is always try to keep your command centre of workspace in balance with the creative centre of your brain.

Be on track by knowing the tricks to tackle all your problems.

Lead image used for representational purposes only. Image: Marco Fare/Creative Commons

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