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This article was first published 8 years ago  » Getahead » 10 super cool college campuses

10 super cool college campuses

By Janvi Manchanda
February 02, 2016 14:10 IST
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It's every student's dream to be admitted into one of these colleges. Find out what makes them so special!

There are colleges out there that offer more than just education.

Janvi Manchanda takes you across institutes that have fun as part of their curriculum.

1. University Of Wisconsin, Madison

University of Winsconsin, Madison

Photograph: Kind courtesy University of Wisconsin-Madison/Facebook

Located in Madison, Midwest, US, this University has a campus of 933 acres.

They have an art, zoological and a physics museum.

They have two daily student newspapers -- The Daily Cardinal and The Badger Herald.

They also have an exclusive comedy newspaper called The Madison Misnomer.

The snake on the lake -- it is the UW on campus radio station where they have 200 volunteer DJs.

The University of Wisconsin, Madison has been ranked Number 3 in Princeton's Review List of the top party schools in the country.

They're known to have epic bars and house parties.

2. University of Iowa

Kind courtesy Tim Schoon for University of Iowa/Facebook

It has a 1700 acres campus and is known for its party and social scene.

University of Iowa has been ranked number 1 in Princeton's Review of top party schools.

The UI's nightlife is around the Pedestrian Mall which has many restaurants, local store, boutiques and more than 30 bars.

They have exciting football games which are the main attraction and are followed by parties and many a time students party before the game too.

They also have over 500 student organisations for sports, theatre, dance, lifestyle, politics, etc. Not only that, the University officials also sponsor events like concerts and all for the students.

3. University of Colorado at Boulder

Photograph: Kind courtesy University of Colorado Boulder Rec Center

The University of Colorado Boulder has many on-campus art galleries, museums and spaces for display of art.

They have performing arts facilities, visual art facilities, a college radio -- Radio 1190, cycling club, hiking club and a ski club.

It's known for its ski club -- Boulder Freeride, which organises camping trips, barbecues, ski and snowboarding movie premiers etc.

They have a programme council that organises and handles all the concerts and movie premier, throughout the year, on campus.

In 2011, University of Colorado was picked as the top party school by Playboy due to its smoke out party AKA Marijuana smoke-out but now the University Administration has got it all under control and has fought the bad party image of the University.

Today they organise parties and movie nights for the students and also have a few sober parties.

4 Sarah Lawrence College

Sarah Lawrence College

Photograph: Kind courtesy Sarah Lawrence College/Facebook

The best part about this college is that they have no traditional written exams. Yes, you got that right!

There is no required course and traditional exams have been replaced by the overall performance of a student in class discussion and their research papers.

They believe in imparting theoretical as well as practical knowledge to their students.

It is known to be one of the top colleges with the best class discussion and the best professors.

5 Vassar College

Vassar College

Photograph: Kind courtesy Karl Rabe for Vassar College/Facebook

This college has almost every kind of student organisation.

They have an acapella group, dance group, circus group, juggling group, theatre group, erotic journal group, punk music enthusiasts group, a quidditch group, a political group, a filmmakers' group, environmental group and an ultimate frisbee group.

They have a weekly newspaper called The Miscellany News.

They also have a special publication called Squirm which is a submission based magazine about sex and sexuality.

This allows students to discuss and understand all about sex and explore it in a creative way as well.

6 Brown University

Brown university

Photograph: Kind courtesy scott.quigley for Brown University/Facebook

The Brown University administration is pretty chilled out.

They organise concerts, comedy acts, campus dance, carnival, foam party, spagfest (spaghetti eating festival), naked donut run etc.

Brown University also hosts many naked parties, and SexPowerGod which is an annual party by the Brown Queer Alliance.

7 Dublin Business School

Dublin Business School

Photograph: Kind courtesy Dublin Business School/Facebook

Dublin is known to be a party city and has some of the best pubs and serves the best beer.

The DBS, which happens to be in Dublin, has six campuses.

It's main campus is the one on Aungier Street.

Close to DBS Campus is the well known Temple Bar which is a favourite spot of all the party goers.

Other than that the college authorities love throwing parties for the students, be it Halloween or Christmas.

The faculty members are very friendly and they also provide maximum support to the international students.

8 Amity University, Noida

Amity University

Photograph: Kind courtesy

Not only does Amity have campuses abroad, it also has campuses in different cities in India.

The Youth Fest organisation of Amity University managed to get Edward Maya for their festival.

They also have many Bollywood stars coming in for the promotion of their films on their campus.

The party culture is not unknown to Amity University's campus.

9 BITS Pilani, Goa

BITS Pilani

Photograph: Kind courtesy Quark, BITS Pilani Goa/Facebook

The Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani, a college in the party capital of the country, that is, Goa.

This college is known to organise the best national cultural and sports festivals in Goa.

Waves and Quark are the two cultural festivals and Spree is a national level sports festival organised by them.

All of their festivals attract sponsors like Coke Studio, Reebok, Reliance, LinkedIn etc.

The BITS Pilani has a very impressive list of recruiters. From Infosys to Google to Fiat, they have them all in the bag.

10 IIT Bombay

IIT Bombay

Photograph: Kind courtesy Mood Indigo, IIT Bombay/Facebook

The IIT Bombay aka IIT Powai has a huge campus with all sorts of recreational facilities.

Basketball court, swimming pool, football ground, hockey ground, cricket ground, tennis court, squash court, hostel, canteen etc, they have it all.

Asia's largest cultural festival -- Mood Indigo -- is organised by IIT Bombay.

Mood Indigo has been graced by the presence of many big artists like R D Burman, Aamir Khan, Mike Portnoy, Sachin Tendulkar and so on, in the past.

They also have a science and technology festival called TechFest.

The IIT Bombay also has a LGBT alliance club called 'Saathi' which is one of a kind.

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Janvi Manchanda