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This article was first published 9 years ago  » Getahead » 10 mistakes you must avoid in your CV

10 mistakes you must avoid in your CV

By Courtesy TopTalent
March 16, 2015 10:51 IST
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A poorly edited CV, an old template and incorrect information are just some of the mistakes that will get your CV trashed. 

Read on to find out how these silly mistakes make you a less deserving candidate for the job.

A poorly edited CV will discourage the employerA resume should be a concise statement on one’s employment history and skills attained.

Too often, candidates try to pack a level of detail into their resumes that’s best left for the interview.

Each resume should be tailored to the company that the resume-writer is trying to seek employment at, and not generic.

This tells the potential employer that the job-seeker has done some homework about that company.

Remember, flattery will get you everywhere.

Not clearly and quickly demonstrating how they can help the potential employer.

Here are the most common mistakes people make in their resumes, just remember; even the tiniest of mistake can speak volumes about you.

So let’s give a smooth start to your career with a smooth resume.

1. Typos

Poor spelling, horrible grammar and punctuation disasters.

At least 50 per cent of the resumes I see have more than five typos in them, which only tells a reader that the applicant is probably sloppy at their job, too.

2. Out of date format

I see too many resumes that look like it was 1985 the last time the person actually checked to see what resumes should look like.

3. Templates

If HR offices didn’t mind looking at resumes written using MS Word resume templates, there’d be no need for resume companies.

The problem is, HR offices hate templates. It’s another sign of either laziness or not doing your homework (really, the same thing).

4. Use of 'I'

Resumes written in the first person. The word ‘I’ should never be used in a resume.

5. Buzz words

Resumes so filled with adjectives, adverbs, and buzz words that they sound like the applicant hired a marketing firm to do the resume.

Unfortunately, most of the time this just makes the resume very hard to understand.

6. Your objective

Having an 'objectives' paragraph at the top: Often is limiting and will specifically count them out regardless of skills.

"I’m seeking an opportunity to employ my management skills…"

Oops job is for supervisor -- not manager! Next candidate, please!

7. Use of phrases

Generic phrases like “great multi-tasker” “attention to detail” “organised” “out of the box thinker” -- blah blah blah.

Using those phrases ensures this person is anything but original.

8. Dishonesty

You might feel that you just have impressed an interviewer by a lie and you successfully have fooled him but congratulations!!

You just made fool out of yourself.

Always try to be what you are and not someone else.

9. Lack of summary

Your CV must include two more things, one of which is -- a clear professional summary.

Try and include the duration of work, type of company and your role in the organisation.

10. Quantified statements of past results

Your resume is perhaps the most important marketing tool you will use in your job search.

A resume helps potential employers see how you can help them.

Employers are not looking for 'employees.' They are looking for someone who can solve their problems. So prepare your CV according to that!

Photograph: Flazingo Photos/Creative Commons


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