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'Can I earn Rs 3 lakh per month post retirement?'

November 30, 2023 16:24 IST
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Deepanjan: Hi Sir, I am 43 years old. Tax saver, mid cap, Multicap and debt mf portfolio 40 lacs. Equity Vs Debt ratio is 1:1. Again I want to invest yearly Rs.1.00 lac in any good balance advantage fund till my retirement age (Age 55) and after transfer all corpus in balance advantage fund can I apply SWP method for monthly 200,000 as a monthly pension. Please suggest which fund will be better to fulfil my need.

Do you do SIPs?

Why have you kept debt funds when your period of investment is 17 years? Please shift your debt fund in equity funds by STP mode and you don't have to put your money in BAF instead invest in equity funds. To gat 2 lakh monthly SWP you need a corpus of approx 4 crore.

With your current investment of 40 lakh and further investment of 1 lakh per month you can create a corpus of approx 2.5 crore.

If you change your investment to equity funds then you can create approx 3.25 crore with your current investment.

KARTIK: Current salary 50k age 29 govt job. My MF allocation per month is Sbi small cap- 8k Hsbc mid cap- 2k Axis bluechip- 1k Quant active fund - 80k lump sum Quant tax fund- 2k Kotak india EQ contra fund- 1k.Current total accumulation is 8.44 lakh. How much estimate further SIP I must need to get 10 lakh income monthly at age 60. Also current nps deduction is 9k which increases as per income and promotion. please review and provide opinion?

You need approx 20 crore to get 10 lakh per month. If you continue your SIP of 11k till your retirement it can give you approx 4.5 crore and your accumulated amount of 8.44 Lakh if kept invested till your retirement can give you approx 3.5 crore and your NPS can give you approx 4 crore ( 10k till age of 60 ).

If your NPS amount increases every year by 10 per cent then I think your corpus of 20 crore can be achieved, however if you can add on some SIP please do it in some midcap or multicap fund.

Anonymous: Sir, I am 44 year old NRI with current savings of 80 Lakhs in FD and 4.5 lakhs in shares. Planning to return to India in 2 years, seeking guidance on generating a monthly income of 1 Lakh from my current savings and anticipated earrings of 10 lakhs in over the next 2 year and have no liabilities. Could you advise and investment strategy. Thanks.

With a corpus of 84.5 Lakh and if you add 10 Lakh more your corpus would be 94.5 Lakh and after 2 years say if your corpus is 1 Cr then you would be able to get 50k as monthly interest from the bank with current rate of interest.

San: I am 39 year old, have 3 houses worth 2cr, 1.2cr and 1.4cr respectively. I have rental income of 1.5lakhs per annum while i pay rental of 65K. I have also bought another house which is under construction worth 2.7cr. I want to retire by 46. Kindly suggest good investment option mf/sip/stocks etc., where I can invest for better return. I have 3 kids with 13, 11 and 2 year old. I want to have monthly income of 3 Lakh post retirement.

To have a monthly income post retirement you need to have a corpus of 6 crore and to reach to that corpus you need to invest monthly 54k so that at the age of you can have 6 crore.

Anonymous: Since I have taken mediclaim, I have ported three times on the advice of my agent. In my third porting I am paying as much as i did for my second, but the insurance amount is double. However, I am wondering if this regular porting is a bad idea. Do advise.

No, porting insurance policy is not bad.

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