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Advice to 15-yr-old self: 'Don't be too anxious'

November 14, 2019 14:10 IST
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We'd asked you, dear readers, to write a message to your 15-year-old self.
This is what Subhodeep Mukherjee, 34 from Kolkata wrote:

Subhodeep Mukherjee

Let me begin by apologising for not wishing you on your fifteenth birthday that went by a few weeks ago.

I was too busy to remember the date. Sorry!

You must be wondering what I was doing.

Well, don't be too anxious because you will eventually find out later in life as you gradually step into my shoes. And that is the beauty of life as we neither know the journey nor the destination beforehand.

We have to improvise along the way and make the best of our abilities and opportunities.

I know there are several things that you want to change in your life at the moment.

You hate school and do not feel like waking up in the morning.

You do not like the over-protected environment in the house, the strict discipline imposed by dad, and the extreme pamper mom gives.

You want to follow the example of our neighbour Sharmaji's son and go to a boarding-school at the earliest possible.

You are not satisfied with the meagre pocket-money you are getting from dad, and are desperate to start earning.

You may feel like you are living the worst possible way a fifteen-year-old can live, but believe me, you are blessed.

Be thankful that you have such loving parents to care for you, a school to educate you, friends to share a laugh with, and a roof over your head.

Just think of the thousands of children your age who have none of the above.

Cherish the moments you are having in life at present because once you start working, these moments will not come back.

Subhodeep, you are a bright and talented individual.

You may already be having an idea of what your calling is in life.

If you have not recognised it yet, search within.

Find what excites you. Be original, rather than succumbing to peer pressure.

Whatever you choose, do it whole-heartedly with extreme dedication and discipline.

Do not take any shortcuts. Believe in yourself. Follow your dream and stick to it, no matter what everyone else, including your parents, tells you.

The society will try to put you in a box. It is up to you to stand out and shine. Never try to follow the trend, rather you must strive to set one yourself.

When you finally achieve success, stay humble and give back tenfold to society. Be a beacon of hope and create your legacy.

Before I conclude, I will give you three pieces of sage advice. Make sure to follow these golden words.

1. If you like a girl, tell her your feelings out loud instead of keeping them to yourself. Do not let the consequences bother you. Life is too short to be holding on to secrets.
2. The second and most important one -- when it finally comes to choosing your career, please do not opt for mechanical engineering. You will understand why.
3. And the third one -- remember to have fun along the way.

I will be keenly following your progress.

With lots of good wishes,
Subhodeep Mukherjee


Dear readers, what would you like to tell your 15-year-old self?

To love more? To let go?

To learn from your mistakes or deal with failures better?

What's the one message/advice you'd like to share with your younger self?

Simply write a letter and send it to (subject: Dear 15-year-old self) along with your NAME, AGE, LOCATION and a photograph, if possible. We'll feature the best responses right here on

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