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The Cast

  Shah Rukh Khan
  Kariena Kapoor
  Rahul Dev
  Subhasini Ali
  Raghuveer Yadav
  Gerson Da Cunha

Behind the scenes

  Author, Making of Asoka
  Costume Design
  Art Decor

'I play a virtuous Buddhist girl'

I play a Buddhist girl called Devi in Asoka. She is the epitome of all the virtuous Buddhist qualities. She in some way is also associated with the transformation Ashoka goes through.24hri.jpg - 3729 Bytes

I was on Shekhar Suman's talk show called Movers and Shakers when the associate director of the film spotted me. He thought I was good enough to play the role.

Shah Rukh is a great co-star, extremely helpful. I did not have too many scenes with Kariena, so our interaction was limited. Santosh Sivan is an ace cameraman and a good director.

Asoka will be my first release, so I am naturally looking forward to it. Though Shararat will be my first release as the leading lady. Asoka was the first film I signed on, Shararat came to me a few days later.

Hrishitaa Bhatt spoke to Vivek Fernandes