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Rediff News  All News  » Cricket » Ponting clarifies: 'The television was hit by my box'

Ponting clarifies: 'The television was hit by my box'

Last updated on: February 24, 2011 16:30 IST

'The TV was hit by my box, when I was trying to put it in my kit'


Bikash Mohapatra in Nagpur

A damaged television set, a level one charge and a reprimand.

Heard that one before?

In all likelihood, the answer to the above question is the affirmative.

Since Australia's comprehensive victory over Zimbabwe in their opening match at Motera, what making the headlines is not their display on the field, but what happened in the dressing room.

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As reported earlier, Ricky Ponting, palpably upset with his dismissal, threw his groin protector at his kit bag only for it to rebound and hit the nearby television set, damaging the same.

Australia's captain was found to have breached clause 2.1.2 of ICC's code of conduct. He, however, escaped with only a reprimand, having accepted a level one charge.

A lot has been said, heard and written about Ponting since. So, ahead of his side's World Cup (Group A) match against neighbours New Zealand, he was asked to put forth his side of the story.

"I am not sure where those stories have come from actually," said Ponting, amused with the many versions that are doing the rounds since the incident.

"I accepted when the ICC came up with the reprimand regarding the incident that happened the other night," he added, before proceeding to make an elaborate explanation.

"I just need to clarify that the television was not hit by me or my cricket bat at all," he said, adding, "It was hit by my box, when I was trying to put it in my cricket kit."

Image: Ricky Ponting


'I accept responsibility for what happened the other day'

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Ponting said he was quick to make others aware of the damage.

"The moment there was damage to the TV, I reported it to the team manager straightaway and I actually replaced the television set thereafter," he explained.

"The stories that we have been hearing in the last couple of days have been different to the way the events happened actually.

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"Hopefully, we can put this behind us and start focusing on the cricket."

On the field controversies are nothing unusual in international cricket. However, a controversy emanating from the dressing room isn't a regular phenomenon. 

"The dressing room is a sacred sort of place in international cricket," admitted Ponting, adding, "There's a line that you can't overstep.

"Like when some equipment is damaged you have to own up to it."

He was categorical in admitting that he had erred and offered no excuses for his action.

"As I said, I accept the responsibility for what happened the other day.

 "I also assure that there was absolutely no malice involved in any way whatsoever.

"What's happened has happened. I would like to take it back but I can't. So, it's better to move on."

Image: Ricky Ponting

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