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Taliban chiefs prove elusive
Virtually the entire top leadership of the Taliban has survived the American bombing and eluded capture by American-backed Afghan forces.

For Al Qaeda patients, cautious care
With grenades strapped to their sides, injured fighters focus wrath on the US.

Fleeing Al Qaeda troops create crisis for Pakistan
Imprisoned fighters overrun guards; others as fugitives sneak into nation.

Al Qaeda's veil begins to lift
The level of organization of the terror network - a sophisticated, disciplined, and thorough outfit - is of the biggest surprises for those tracking such groups.

The political perils of victory without Osama bin Laden
The Afghan campaign may wind down without snaring America's most wanted, disappointing Americans and burnishing the terrorist's own legend.

US follows money trail
Court papers indict shadowy fugitive Mustafa Ahmed al-Hawsawi in funding of September 11 attacks.

The New New York
We all know that after September 11, New York will never be the same again. But the same as what?

FBI to grill Al Qaeda operatives in Kandahar
FBI agents in Kandahar plan to interview 15 captured al Qaeda fighters whom US officials believe could be senior members of Osama bin Laden's terrorist organisation, a top Pentagon official said in Washington Tuesday.

Can Al Qaeda find a new nest?
To do their worst, terrorists need a sanctuary. The next order of battle is to deny them one.

Al Qaeda to survive Osama, panel told
If Osama bin Laden is killed or captured, the effectiveness of the terrorist network will be reduced, but will not cease functioning, two senior FBI officials told a Senate subcommittee yesterday.

Europe, US quibble over peace keeping
A bitter dispute between Europe and the United States over the multinational force for Afghanistan has delayed its deployment and forced Britain to provide 200 Royal Marines at less than a week's notice.

Osama bin Laden dragnet combing Pakistan
US widens its search, and CIA augments efforts by Afghanistan's neighbor to apprehend fugitives.

US: Don't harbour Osama
Deputy defense chief warns countries not to offer refuge to Al Qaeda leader.

Kabul's lost women
Families search for women and girls still missing after abductions by the Taliban.

Wrestling with September 11
Mental health workers, charities rush to curb depression, suicides among survivors and victims' relatives.

Mullah Omar 'holed up with 500 men in cave hide-out'
The Taliban leader is thought to be holed up with hundreds of heavily armed men at a mountain hide-out in southern Afghanistan, the interim intelligence chief in Kandahar disclosed last night.

US may strike Somalia from bases in Kenya
There are strong indications that the United States is preparing to launch air attacks on Somalia from bases in neighbouring Kenya, despite convincing evidence that Al Qaeda groups of any significance are unlikely to be operating in the country.

Al Qaeda fleeing toward Pakistan, US officials say
Hundreds of Al Qaeda fighters have fled from the caves of Tora Bora, and Osama bin Laden may be among them, according to United States intelligence officials.

Al Qaeda weaker, but still a threat
US forces track down holdouts near Tora Bora, but terror cells in other countries may have new resolve.

Relatives' DNA may help prove Osama bin Laden's identity
The government plans to use DNA to confirm the identity of Osama bin Laden if and when the leader is captured or killed.

Osama bin Laden's whereabouts unknown
Al Qaeda radios go quiet after anti-Taliban forces overrun Tora Bora caves.

Pursuit of Al Qaeda poses new risks
As US troops move to the front lines, the danger increases.

One war, differing aims
In Tora Bora, the United States is focusing on capturing or killing of Osama bin Laden while Afghan forces are concerned with recovering territory.

Terrorism definition testing US-China ties
Washington's refusal to repatriate Chinese Muslims captured in Afghanistan is testing Beijing's trust. Controversy over who is -- and is not -- a terrorist could taint chances to redefine Sino-US relations in coming years.

To Afghanistan with love
Exiles leave their comfortable lives in the US to help rebuild homeland.

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