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July 2001

Jul 31 - Mad about Madhavan
Is Madhavan really Suzy 16?

Jul 30 - Porn and mood swings
Some serve coffee, but this cyber cafe doesn't serve porn

Jul 29 - Want to buy George Bush!
Bookmarks for the weekend

Jul 29 - IT is kid's stuff
Will Ajay Puri make it to the Guiness Book?

Jul 28 - More money for your honey
How to manage your money better

Jul 27 - Click for America
Get online to get to the US of A

Jul 26 - Growing old online
A generation gap, even on the Net

Jul 25 - Cam and get it!
Video Conferencing takes off!

Jul 24 - Copy. Paste. Print. Submit.
Plagiarism on the Net

Jul 23 - Stepping behind a Web cam
Subhash Ghai on the Internet

Jul 22 - Kill robots, but save trees
A few things to do this weekend

Jul 21 - Better than the real thing?
Virtual pets and celebs. What next?

Jul 20 - Goodbye to free email?
Another one bites the dust

Jul 19 - Wired Campuses
For Indian students, the action moves online

Jul 18 - 'Get paid to look at porn'
World's first adult site webmaster

Jul 17 - What Art Thou?
Indian artists experiment with new media

Jul 16 - Arjun Rampal
Some like it 'haute'

Jul 14 - I feel like a Pterodactyl
Dinos, nouns and facial hair

Jul 13 - Taste the thunder
Interactivity on your mobile

Jul 12 - Certified Success
Earn More with Online Certification

Jul 11 - Idol Minds
God's name is Zaphod Beeblebrox

Jul 10 - Saif Ali Khan
The chotta nawab on the Internet

Jul 9 - Coffee, Tea or Cybersex
Cyber cafes are here to stay

Jul 8 - Labour Pains
Can the Net replace the Govt

Jul 7 - Woe and Behold
Coping with grief is easier online

Jul 6 - 'Pest in my chat room'
A tirade against offensive people

Jul 5 - Pirates, Ahoy!
Think before you download software

Jul 4 - Lights, camera, Internet
Hollywood films focus on the WWW

Jul 3 - 'The Net is like a girl in a burkha'
Shekhar Suman on hidden wonders

Jul 2 - 'Don't stare at me'
Computers are a pain in the eyes

Jul 1 - No goody two shoes
How to unleash the evil within you

Site Tours
Jul 31 - Raksha Bandhan
Celebrating sibling love: 6 sites

Jul 30 - American Beauties
7 popular actresses on TV

Jul 29 - Cigars
Six sites for the connoisseur

Jul 28 - WWF
Eight sites for wrestling fans

Jul 27 - Angelina Jolie
Raiding the box office: 8 sites

Jul 26 - LTTE
All about the conflict in Lanka: 6 sites

Jul 25 - Sex education
10 sites where you can get the facts

Jul 25 - Phoolan Devi
The Bandit Queen is dead: 5 sites

Jul 24 - George Harrison
The ex-Beatle admits to losing his battle to Cancer: 7 sites

Jul 23 - Love Scopes
What's in store for your romantic life: 8 sites

Jul 22 - Desktop Downloads
Screensavers of your favourite actresses

Jul 21 - Celeb Couples
Hrithik-Suzzane, Ajay-Kajol... 8 pairs

Jul 20 - Moon Landing
10 sites on man's greatest achievement in space

Jul 19 - Webby Winners
Best of the Web: 10 sites

Jul 18 - Trousseau
Six sites for a bridal collection

Jul 17 - Peace Initiatives
Will Kashmir be resolved? 8 sites

Jul 16 - ASCII Art
Keyboard art with five sites

Jul 14 - Summit Meetings
Give peace a chance: 6 sites

Jul 13 - Nandita Das
Discover the actress: 5 sites

Jul 12 - Tarot Cards
Eight sites to foretell your future

Jul 11 - Nicole Kidman
Red hot, right now: 7 sites

Jul 10 - Goran Ivanisevic
From wild card to Wimbledon Champion: 10 sites

Jul 9 - Lifestyle Indicators
10 sites for the rich and famous

Jul 8 - Mean Machines
7 sites for motorbike lovers

Jul 7 - Airfare Discounts
6 sites to get the cheapest flights

Jul 6 - Rani Mukherjee
Seven sites on the actress

Jul 5 - Crown Contenders
The eight Wimbledon semi-finalists

Jul 4 - Drug Abuse in Sports
Five sites that give a lowdown

Jul 3 - International Designers
Eight of the world's best designers

Jul 2 - Sex Surveys
Seven sites to tell it as it is

Jul 1 - Dream Analysis
Eight sites to dream better

Dr. Know & Bubbles
Jul 31 - How do I send attachments via email? Dr Know's bookmarks.
What is a Xing player?

Jul 30 - Find ICSE papers for the last ten years? and download software on homeopathy?

Jul 29 - How to get info on Medical Transcription and Obstetrics and Gynaecology?

Jul 28 - What are newsgroups? Find one suited to your own interests. Also, how to set up Outlook Email client?

Jul 27 - What is the future of Java?and interactive courses in Maths, Phy and Chem and information on temperatures of Refrigeration?

Jul 26 - What are browser plug-ins? Dr Know has some sites, downloads and tips. Also, resources on Computer Lab Design and ERP and MRP

Jul 25 - Resources on Insurance Software, tinnitus and Rain Harvesting

Jul 24 - How can I manage my email effectively? Dr Know shows you how you can get your mailbox organised.

Jul 23 - How to download files from a remote server and free music from the Web and

Jul 20 - How to get rid of the new 'Hi, how are you' worm. Also, get a virus update

Jul 19 - Is it possible to watch movies on the Internet?
Dr Know finds the best online film sites.

Jul 18 - How can I send a fax from my PC and also access Rediffmail through other mail and what is seismic factor?

Jul 17 - Can I send .wav files as email attachments?

Jul 16 - Where can I find computer institutes and information on Microcontroller programming tutorials

Jul 14 - How does XML work?

Jul 12 - Bubbles on lyrics of Tamil movies songs and also on India's hotel policy

Jul 10 - Bubbles on companies on verge of extinction and also on playing MP3s

Jul 9 - Bubbles on SDK and Compensation and also on assembling and configuring a PC

Jul 7 - Bubbles on Unix Internals and also on firewalls, proxy servers

Jul 5 - What is a guestbook?
Bubbles on Disk Partitioning and the use of satellites in Distance Education

Jul 4 - Bubbles on the songs of A. R. Rehman and the difference between ISO 9001 Standards and SEI-CMM levels

Jul 3 - How do I find email addresses? Also Bubbles on how to clear cache from browsers and download C++ compilers

Jul 2 - Bubbles on the sonnets of John Keats and sites for information on emoticons on the Net.

Jul 1 - Where can I find information of on hysterectomy.


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