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June 2001

Jun 30 - Fear no more
How Oli beat the school bullies

Jun 29 - In through the out door
Why hackers do what they do

Jun 28 - Look alikes online
Do you look like someone famous?

Jun 27 - Pooja Batra
'I wish I were more Net savvy'

Jun 26 - Surfing habits online
Do men and women surf differently?

Jun 25 - Reading between the lines
Take your palms online

Jun 24 - Send Ricky Martin to a friend
Logs of weekend surfing

Jun 23 - 'I miss my postman'
What's the big deal about the Internet?

Jun 22 - 'I found my old crush'
Tusshar Kapoor discovers several used of the Net

Jun 21 - Your right to choose
Office software available for free

Jun 16 - Money for nothing
Tips on how to get paid for no work

Jun 15 - Mission Possible
Now, a honeymoon in space

Jun 14 - Tuned In!
Miss India loves logging in

Jun 13 - Believe it or not
The crazy things people do!

Jun 12 - Quack Attack
Is online medical info killing you?

Jun 11 - What R U Wearing?
3D Chat allows you to put on a face

Jun 10 - Britney 2.0
Britney Spears has a clone online

Jun 9 - Watch Out Tony Blair!
Your chance to become the British PM now

Jun 8 - Till Death do us part
Deadly facts online

Jun 7 - Rinke Ko Kuch Kehna Hai
Rinke Khanna on matters of the Net

Jun 6 - ET Mail
Send email to Mars and beyond

Jun 5 - Easy Admissions
Pick a college and click

Jun 4 - Saving Faces
Forget passwords, remember faces

Jun 3 - Comfortably Dumb
The dumbest sites on the Internet

Jun 2 - Community Living
Indian youth ready to network

Jun 1 - Cyberchondria
A Web page a day, keeps the doctor away

Site Tours
Jun 30 - Romantic Poets
The life and work: 7 sites

Jun 29 - Fardeen Khan
Hitting the 'high' note: 7 sites

Jun 28 - New Babes in Bollywood
Nine pretty faces. Nine pretty sites.

Jun 27 - Indian Writers
Beyond Rushdie and Seth: 9 sites

Jun 26 - Bumper Stickers
6 sites for a good laugh

Jun 25 - Wimbledon
5 sites for a courtside view

Jun 24 - Small Wonders
10 women we love to watch on TV

Jun 23 - Screening for Release
Aks, Dil Chahta Hai... 7 movies

Jun 22 - Dream XI
World's best cricket team

Jun 21 - Pervez Musharraf
5 links on the President

Jun 16 - JLo
7 sites on this sexy singer

Jun 15 - Amisha Patel
7 sites on the actress

Jun 14 - Father's Day
Celebrate dad with 7 sites

Jun 13 - Cricketing Victories
8 sites to relive them

Jun 12 - Gustavo Kuerten
6 sites: Go gaga over Guga

Jun 11 - Jennifer Capriati
7 sites on the comeback kid

Jun 10 - Pearl Harbor
7 sites on the Day of Infamy

Jun 9 - Beauty Queens
7 Indian women who won the world

Jun 8 - Indian Models
Meet India's most beautiful people: 8 sites

Jun 7 - Jennifer Lopez
The world's sexiest woman: 7 sites

Jun 6 - Royal Families
The World's Monarchies: Seven sites

Jun 5 - Tribute to Hank Ketchman
For Dennis the Menace fans: 7 sites

Jun 3 - Murdered Leaders
Famous assassinations: 9 sites

Jun 2 - Free Translations
Understand any language

Jun 1 - Television Serials
Six popular Hindi soaps

Dr. Know & Bubbles
Jun 30 - How can I write a perfect resume?
Also Bubbles on the resources on the Israel-Palestine conflict and information on PeopleSoft

Jun 28 - Can I listen to radio online?
Also Bubbles on how to increase the speed of downloads and sites for information on FAT

Jun 26 - How to create and manage bookmarks?
Also Bubbles on the scope of actuaries in India and sites for information on VOIP.

Jun 27 - What is ham radio?
Where can I find the Web address of Aurora Bearings.

Jun 25 - What are the best sites on Asynchronous Transfer Mode
Bubbles on sites that offer competancy based management and the meaning of goody two shoes.

Jun 23-24 - What is a browser skin?
Dr Know on how you can customise your browser to suit your personality.

Jun 22 - Where can I find the best advertising sites?
Also sites that offer free web hosting

Jun 21 - How do I play games on my PC?
Bubbles on kitchen interior design,
yellow pages vs white pages and
tai-chi training centres.

Jun 20 - Colleges for medical transcription?
Bubbles finds institutes and other resources

Jun 16-19 - What is WAP?

Jun 17 - Are credit cards helpful for middle class families

Jun 12-15 - How can I code my own Webpage

Jun 14 - How do I deal with a difficult boss?
Where can I find resources on Vipassana?

Jun 11 - Where can I find meditation through yoga
What is beri-beri

Jun 7 - Where can I find CET resources?
How do I submit my site to a search engine?
What is a hit counter?

Jun 5 - What is LDAP?
Where can I get a free Web site?

Jun 5 - What is A/S/L and lol?
Tips on chatroom lingo

Jun 2 - What is 404 error?
Understanding Internet error messages


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