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[Arjun Rampal]

   Ronjita Das

The name is:
Arjun Rampal

Your claim to fame :
Society face of the year for 1994, Arjun debuts in Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat. His other upcoming movies are Ashok Mehta's Moksha and Shantanu Sheroy's Jadh.

On a scale of 1-10, how Net-savvy are you?:
I'd rate myself a 4. The Net is so vast, with so much to know about it. But it's quite easy too, and there are always links leading to various sites.

How often do you surf?:
I have a laptop, but am not much of a Net buff. I get online just to check email. I have email accounts with VSNL and Yahoo. I have heard that Rediffmail is very good too, so I will try it sometime.

Your favourite hangouts on the Internet:
No favourite sites, but I log on to health and fitness pages a lot. I also visit a lot of joke sites or those recommended by friends.

What do you like best about the Web?:
I love email and ICQ. I want to get a video-conference facility, where you can see the person while chatting. The Net really has everything else. It's like an encyclopaedia, full of news and very informative.

If you could change something about the Internet, it would be:
I don't think there are too many disadvantages. The Net has made communication so much easier and faster. Of course, people talk about the easy access to porn sites, but then, it's everywhere. If you want to visit those sites, go ahead. If you don't, ignore them. It's as simple as that! Each individual to himself.

Do you go ego-surfing, checking out sites or pages devoted to you?:
Yes, sometimes. I have visited sites that have my name, but not too often. I have also searched engines like Yahoo! and Google using my name. I have no idea about the actual number, but there were quite a few results. I was quite surprised.

If you could sell anything, online, it would be:
I've been to Bid or Buy and Saffronart.com. I once gave my cricket bat for auction, for a charitable cause, but don't know if it's sold yet.

Any interesting experiences online?:
I have chatted many times, but never as Arjun Rampal. Sometimes, it happens that, while chatting, someone suddenly says, "Arjun, is that you?" And I then realise it's a friend who's also under another name. That's really funny. But I've never had any bad experiences online.

Your idea of a perfect Web site would be:
I think Yahoo! has done pretty well. A site shouldn't allow you to go outside for more information. It should all be there at one place.

One celebrity you would like to chat with:
Robert Di Niro.

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