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Find email addresses [Ask Dr. Know]
  How can I find email
  addresses on the Web?
  - Vijay Shah

[Bubbles Helps out]

      - Where can I find sonnets of Keats?

      - I need info on hysterectomy

      - Can I listen to songs online?

Two weeks ago, my parrot Bubbles got an email from a long lost school friend called Sugar. She tracked him down using a reunion web site where Bubbles had posted his profile. The two have been exchanging nostalgic email ever since.

You can track down email addresses too, Vijay, using several tools and methods. The disadvantage is that the lack of a central resource for this sort of information means you will have to experiment.


Online Directories and White Pages: These are usually a compilation of names and addresses with a search facility. For example, Yahoo People Search lets you search for an email address by typing in first and last names. Where the hell are you?, Who Where and Bigfoot are other sites you can use.

Company Search: If you have an idea about where your friend is working, you can try searching for the company's web site. For example, a few days ago a friend of mine informed me that my best friend in school was working for a company called 'XYZ Communications'. I found their web site, fired off an email to their HR department and got his email address in less than a day.

Celebrity Search: If the person you are looking for is famous, you can try a search engine like RediffSearch. Most celebrities and politicians have their own web sites. Bubbles just sent off a mail to Rani Mukherjee and is still hoping for a reply.

This is how I found my journalist friend Swati. I searched for her name in Rediff Search and the results threw up links to several articles she had written. One of the articles carried her email address and I wrote to her. A day later, Swati replied saying she had been thinking about me when she received my mail!

Reunion and Alumni sites: Another great way to find emails of old school and college friends is through reunion and alumni sites. I had posted my profile in Batchmates and received a mail from someone who was my greatest enemy in school. We made peace and had a good laugh over old times.

The trick to find someone online is to try all ways and means. If you still come up with a blank, maybe the person you're looking for doesn't want to be found at all.

Also try Rediff Search for links on Reunion, Alumni , People Search, Directories and White Pages.


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