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India moving with 'abundant caution' on Syria

February 03, 2012 22:33 IST

"India is moving with "abundant caution" on issue of Syria," says a senior government official.

While briefing off the record to select journalists on the variousĀ current issues of national and international importance, the source said that it is not easy to take sides in Syria because India never joins the efforts of changing regimes in other country.

The Syrian government led by the Assad family is witnessing a mass uprising against its 42-year-old rule. It alleges that it is backed by the foreign-backed militants.

The official said that India is very concerned about Syrian people and the deaths that are taking place. In recent times, countries such as United States, France and Britain have been upset to see India's "inconsistent position".

"But in respect to Syria, the choices are difficult because even supporting the Arab League also means supporting the group lead by countries, mostly, led by autocrats," he said.

The source emphasised that India has "solid interests" in the Gulf region.

"Indians stay and work there. India is also aware that, there is sort of 'complete breakdown' in Syria. Syrians deaths are unacceptable," he added.

He agreed thatĀ as the chair of the United Nations Security Council, India faces pressure to speak on the issue, but explained, "It is difficult to judge who is on side of history and who is not."

"India will have to focus on interests of Indians living in the entire region, its energy needs and security of the region," he said.

Sheela Bhatt in New Delhi