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Siva: Daruvu is my best attempt so far

Last updated on: May 23, 2012 10:50 IST

Siva: Daruvu is my best attempt so far.


Radhika Rajamani In Hyderabad

Cinematographer turned director Siva, has directed films such as Sowryam, Shankham (in Telugu) and Siruthai (Tamil). Now he is ready with Daruvu starring Ravi Teja and Taapsee which releases this Friday, May 25.

In this brief interview Siva talks about Daruvu. Excerpts

What made you direct a film starring Ravi Teja?

When I was making Siruthai, a remake of Vikramarkudu (starring Ravi Teja and Anushka) I saw the film three or four times.

Then I saw other Ravi Teja films. I felt one can present him differently.

So, keeping him in mind, and what he hasn't done till now, I wrote the script of Daruvu.

Ravi Teja is best known as a comedian. How have you presented him?

There are many shades in this film. As you saw in the trailer, he's called Bullet Raja—a different role. There will be different get-ups too. Performance wise, there will be a lot more to see.

Image: A scene from Daruvu. Inset: Director Siva


'Ravi Teja won't waste a single second'

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Is this a commercial film?

It's a full length entertainer. I don't believe in the use of the word 'commercial'.

The audience can come and laugh. There is a strong message which is sugar coated-- people can enjoy and take the message home.

There's action, comedy, sentiment, friendship etc. The film is an emotional entertainer.

How did you cast Taapsee?

I saw her in the Tamil film Adukalam--its director is a friend of mine--and liked her performance. In Jhummandi Naadam also she combined performance and glamour.

In Daruvu, Taapsee plays a dancer. She is a good dancer too. She is studious and wants to perform. Her energy levels are high. I'm happy with her performance.

Ravi Teja is known to be full of energy...

Of course he is. Ravi Teja won't waste a single second. He will be on the set with high energy and that rubs off on others.

This energy is visible on screen.

Image: A scene from Daruvu

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'I am never 100 per cent satisfied'

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How did you think of Brahmanandam to play a dance master in the film?

His character is called Vidya Balan and his associate is Nithya Menon. I wanted a good female name. Nobody else came to mind except Brahmanandam.

He listened to the entire script and told me that out of the 800-1000 films he has done, he has never done this kind of a character.

There is a slight feminine touch to his character. I can't say how the idea came about; it just came.

The combo of Brahmanandam, 'Vennela' Kishore and Ravi Teja has performed well. I'm blessed to have these people.

Are you happy with the way the film has shaped up?

So far I have done four films. I am never 100 per cent satisfied or happy.

With Daruvu I am almost fully satisfied. You can say this is my best attempt so far.

I would like to thank my entire team (co-director, DOP etc) who have been with me since 2008.

Image: A scene from Daruvu

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'I don't believe in planning'


You are also a cinematographer. Why don't you handle the camera for your films along with direction?

It's too much pressure to do both. Direction is quite tough and I don't feel like handling the camera and making it a difficult job.

Have you planned your next Telugu project?

I never plan. I don't believe in planning. I believe in the proverb: The best way to make God laugh is going and telling him your future plan! If I get a good offer, I do it.

Are you working on a Tamil film then?

I will be directing Ajit. The shoot of this film, produced by Vijaya Vauhini, will commence some time in August-September.

I would like to work with all artistes. After completing Ajit's film, I may do a Telugu one.

Image: A scene from Daruvu