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'I told my daughter not to cry'

Last updated on: February 23, 2011 14:41 IST

'I told my daughter not to cry'


Rajul Hegde in Mumbai

Juhi Parmar swapped places with Gauri Tonk in the reality television show Maa Exchange, and unlike the earlier women who swapped places, it looks like these actresses had a wonderful time.

They share their experiences.

Juhi Parmar

I am not a mother yet. When the offer came to me, I asked them why they chose me. They told me that they wanted to show motherhood through us. For example, they wanted me to react the way I would when I became a mother.

I thought it was a great opportunity to live the life of a mother. It's a challenging experience to get into somebody else's life for eight days. This show is different from the one I had done earlier, (Pati Patni Aur Woh). I had my husband's (Sachin Shroff) support there. Here, I had to take care of the family by myself in an unknown set up.

I set up my own rules and made them do small things.

Yash and Gauri's daughter Pari, 7, is a well behaved girl. Her grandmother used to pack her school bag. I asked her to do it herself. I explained that she was a grown up girl now, so she should take care of her books, and time table. These are small responsibilities that will make a difference and help her be independent.

I encouraged Yash to do more comedy shows because has a good coming timing. I asked him to hold an exhibition of his work because he paints well.

Gauri and I have a cordial relation with each other now. After the show, she called me up and wished me on my anniversary.

Image: Juhi Parmar


'I have seen many reality shows but this was unique as it involved the entire family'

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Gauri Tonk

I have seen many reality shows but this was unique as it involved the entire family. My mother and daughter got convinced easily to be a part of the show. Yash was also cool about it. In fact, the entire family was super excited to be seen on TV!

I told my daughter not to cry because there would be cameras everywhere, 24/7. After the show, I learnt that she was very camera friendly.

I have met Juhi and Sachin at social gatherings but they were not my friends. So it took a few days to get comfortable in their house. Everything was fine after that.

Initially, they had a problem with the routine that I set up because they were not used to it. Heena (Juhi's sister) had a problem and fell sick. I asked her to join hip hop classes and painting, which she initially refused.

I had fixed some time for Sachin's workout and asked him to try painting. Both of them made some good paintings.

I pointed out to them that they need to have a routine in their lives. If they are planning to have a baby, they will have to start preparing now.

I used to be scared of dogs before but I'm used to it now, thanks to Juhi's pet. I have learnt to cook some amazing Rajasthani food from Juhi's family.

Image: Gauri Tonk

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