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Gauahar: I wanted to win Bigg Boss, but did not expect it

Last updated on: December 31, 2013 11:33 IST

Gauahar: I wanted to win Bigg Boss, but did not expect it


Rajul Hegde in Mumbai

Model-turned-actress Gauahar Khan won the seventh season of Bigg Boss and took home the prize money of Rs 50 lakh (Rs 5 million) and the trophy.

From fighting for friends to finding love during the show, Gauahar's journey on Bigg Boss 7 had all the elements of a masala movie.

Gauahar spoke to Rajul Hegde about her big win.

Congratulations! Did you expect to win Bigg Boss?

Thank you.

I want to dedicate this trophy to all those who loved me and voted for me.

I would like to thank all my friends who thought my win is their win and, last but not the least, God who wanted me to win.

I prayed every day to win. I am a big fan of the show. I wanted to win the show, but I did not expect to win.

When the four (finalists, Ajaz Khan, Sangram Singh, Tanisha Mukherjee and I) were there in the house, I was confident that I would win.

But when I saw Tanujaji (Tanisha's mother), I felt the game was over for me, Tanisha had won.

Considering a legend like Tanujaji came on the show, I felt it was her (Tanisha's) trophy.

When Salman Khan lifted my hand, I felt he was kidding, but when he announced my name, I couldn't believe it.

Has the feeling of winning sunk in?

I was shocked. The feeling has sunk in now. I am jumping with joy.

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Image: Gauahar Khan


'Kushal was not insecure about Ajaz Khan'

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Kushal (Tandon) and you have openly acknowledged love for each other. Going by past shows, we haven't seen any Bigg Boss love stories going ahead.

We came on the show, we became friends and we fell in love. I don't have to lie about it at all.

I don't think anyone has declared it (love for each other) the way we did.

I feel we gave each other respect and when this happens, it doesn't die just like that.

We will work towards it and we will be together.

It was also because of Kushal that I was able to survive on the show.

He gave me the strength when needed.

Also, he has made me realise when to shut up.

I give him credit for winning the show.

I think he is a very integral part of my win.

Kushal was insecure about Ajaz Khan.

There was no insecurity, but anger.

I don't know what Ajaz used to say about me outside. Kushal knew it as he had seen the show when he went out and came back again.

He felt bad because I was behaving normally with Ajaz. I don't think he (Kushal was immature.

I think anyone could have reacted this way.

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Image: Tanisha, Gauhar Khan and Salman Khan

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'Armaan and Tanisha have feelings for each other'

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What is your take on Armaan Kohli and Tanisha Mukherjee's love story?

I have stayed inside the house and seen it for myself -- Armaanji and Tanisha both have feelings for each other.

The only difference is they never accepted their love for each other. I feel they truly love and respect each other.

I hope they have a future together.

You came across as a dominating person...

That is my personality. I didn't try to play it safe.

Yes, I am very opinionated and it does give me a few negative experiences, but you know what, I have won Bigg Boss (smiles)

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Image: Salman Khan and Gauahar Khan

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'I gave my 100 percent in whatever I did during my stay in the Bigg Boss house'

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How do you sum up your journey on Bigg Boss?

It has been a roller-coaster ride. I gave my 100 percent in whatever I did during my stay in the Bigg Boss house.

I was just trying to be myself and not trying to be safe. I showed the viewers what I am in real life -- flawed or not flawed.

I wanted to be myself. I tried to be honest and gave my opinion where I felt it was needed. I received flak for it.

The most difficult part for me was being judged by my housemates. They even judged my relationship with Kushal and said it was for the cameras.

I managed to overcome every challenge.

You looked gorgeous throughout the show...

I did not repeat any dresses, but I did repeat my night wear. I packed well.

During the festive season they (my family

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Image: Gauhar hugs her mother Razia Zafar Khan; sister Nigaar Khan is on the right

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'I dont think there is a better host than Salman Khan for Bigg Boss'

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Viewers felt Salman Khan often gave Kushal and you a earful; people came out in your support on social networking sites.

I think he was doing a fantastic job.

As a human being, you do feel bad about certain things, which I told him on the show.

Whenever I felt he spoke too much I would try to give my opinions and explanations which I love.

But I don't think there is a better host than him for Bigg Boss.

How much do you think this visibility on television will help your career?

I don't know. My aim was to win the show and not for my career.

I wanted to be on the show so that people could know me as a person.

I just hope I keep doing a lot of films. I love being an actor, that is what I want to be.

I love being on TV, but only on reality shows. Now after Bigg Boss I will take a long time to take another reality show because I loved Bigg Boss.

What will you do with the prize money?

I really haven't thought about it.

Image: Tanisha, Salman Khan and Gauahar Khan

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