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'It's a challenge to live with Dolly Bindra'

Last updated on: November 15, 2010 13:44 IST

'It's a challenge to live with Dolly Bindra'


Rajul Hegde in Mumbai

One of the quietest contestants of Bigg Boss, Aanchal Kumar was evicted from the show last week.

The model lost out to Ashmit Patel and Dolly Bindra, who ere nominated along with her.

Aanchal tells Rajul Hegde about her experience:

What made you take up this show?

Thankfully, my entry and exit was without any controversy. When I was offered this show, I thought it would be a real test of patience to live with people with different temperaments under one roof.

It's really stressful to stay with people who are loud.

It was a unique experience and I am proud to have survived in such an atmosphere with my head held high.

Image: Aanchal Kumar


'The show all about bitching'

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Do you think this stint will help your career?

Absolutely! People who didn't know me will know me now. I stayed out of politics and bitching. I guess that helped me stay calm in the house. People who have watched the show have showered me with praises. They have said that I was only sane person in the house.   

Did you know any of the contestants before you entered the house?

Yes, a couple of them. I knew Hrishant Goswami professional, as he is a model as well. I knew Ashmit socially. But knowing them and living with them was totally different.

Do you think you would have stayed longer in the house if you had bitched and plotted against the rest?

Yes, because that is the show all about. But I am not somebody who would do that.

What did you think of Dolly Bindra?

Dolly was strange; it's a challenge to live with her. She would react differently on a daily basis and that made it difficult for me to understand where she came from.

She used bad words and provoked people. I prefer staying away from such people.

What did you think of Veena Mallik?

Veena and I had no issues. Sometimes people behave differently when there is a lot of pressure but her behaviour was very dramatic. What she said and did really didn't match (She was seen kissing and cuddling with Ashmit though she claimed to love Hrishant).

I don't know whether it is her desperation or her strategy. Apparently, she was confusing both Hrishant and Ashmit. Or maybe she is confused.   

What did you think of The Great Khali?

I was trembling when he entered the house! But his huge build is a complete opposite to his inner self. He doesn't care what politics is going on, what people are fighting about.

Image: Aanchal Kumar

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'I would like to go on a date with Rahul Bhatt'

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Do you think Bigg Boss is scripted?

No, it's not. When I was inside the house, the situations would change everyday. The next day, everything would appear normal. That would puzzle me.

What do you have say about the Ali-Sara marriage?

Actually, I was shocked when I heard about the controversy. We had heard about Ali from Sara. But after his entry in the house, everything was sorted out and they got married. I was happy to be a part of the celebrations. It was a kind of relief from all the stress. I am happy they got married because I love happy endings.

Rahul Bhatt said in an interview that he would like to take you on a date after you came out of the house.

He is straightforward, genuine and a pleasure to meet. We connected mentally and I got along very well with him. I will definitely stay in touch with him. And I would like to go on that date (smiles).

What next?

I am waiting to get back in action. I am missing my work. Acting is something which I have not thought about seriously. But if I get good work, I will take it up.

Image: Aanchal Kumar (extreme right) with Bigg Boss contestants

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