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Aamir: It was tough to portray a double role in Dhoom 3

Last updated on: January 03, 2014 19:16 IST

Aamir: It was tough to portray a double role in Dhoom 3


Sonil Dedhia in Mumbai

In just two weeks of its release, Dhoom 3 has become the biggest hit of all time in Bollywood, netting Rs 250 crore at the box office.

And Aamir Khan is riding high on the success.

At a media interaction, Aamir spoke at length about the film, why his family calls him Captain Caution and his own equation with his brother Faisal.

Dhoom 3 got conflicting reviews from critics. Were you prepared for critics panning it?

I don’t read many reviews of my films. It’s not because I don’t value a review or a critic, but some critics have an axe to grind and I completely ignore them.

You cannot get a unanimous response for any film. I have always treated a film review as the opinion of one person.

Ninety per cent of people liked the film and I am happy with that.

This is the first time you have done a double role in a film. How difficult was it?

It was tough to portray a double-role character. With new technology, the kind of shots that you can now design for a double role is limitless.

Earlier, one couldn’t touch the other character but today, that’s possible.

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Image: Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3


'Katrina Kaif's character could have been a little longer'

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It is said that the film rests entirely on your shoulders and the rest of the cast is underutilised.

I think the roles of the male characters were properly placed. Ali’s role (played by Uday Chopra) is a good role in terms of what he is meant do in the film.

Jai’s role (played by Abhishek Bachchan) is not at all weak in any way. His character controls the entire story.

Both my characters, Samar and Sahir, are great roles.

Going strictly by screen time, I think Katrina Kaif’s character could have been a little longer.

Did you do the film in order to win more mass appeal?

No. When I heard the story for the first time, I was in tears. I was moved by the emotional love story between the two brothers.

It was not the bike chase and action sequences that drew me to Dhoom 3.

I felt the point where Abhishek Bachchan's character tried to create a rift between the two brothers was a great turning point in the plot of the film.


Image: Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif in Dhoom 3

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'My brother Faisal helps me select my scripts'

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What is your relationship with your brother Faisal Khan?

We are very close. Faisal and I heard the script together.

When Adi (Aditya Chopra, producer) and Victor (Vijay Krishna Acharya, director) came for the narration for the first time, Faisal was present.

He told me to do the film. He helps me select my scripts. He is very much a part of my work.

Your ex-wife Reena Datta attends family gatherings. How is your equation with her?

Reena is very much a part of my family and will always be.

Legally we are divorced but the bond you shared cannot be broken because of a piece of paper.

Image: Aamir and Faisal Khan in Mela

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'Junaid is still figuring out what he wants to do'

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Your son Junaid is assisting Rajkumar Hirani in the film P. K. Any plans to get him into acting?

If Junaid wishes to act, he must. He is still figuring out what he wants to do.

Once he makes up his mind and if we come across a script that suits him, I will be more than happy to back him if I feel he has the talent.

How is P.K. shaping up?

I have not seen the first cut of P.K. Till I see it, I can't comment. We are releasing the film on June 6.

If you don’t like the first cut, will you postpone the release?

Yes, that is very likely.

If more time is needed to get something done in the best possible manner, it would be foolish to unnecessarily rush things.

Image: Aamir with Junaid Khan
Photographs: Pradeep Bandekar

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'I do not fear losing stardom'

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What is Aamir Khan insecure about?

I have a lot of insecurities. I am constantly worrying about different things.

My family has given me the title of ‘Captain Caution.’ They have also designed a cape for me (laughs).

On a personal level my biggest insecurity and fear is to lose people I love.

On the professional front, I feel at some point I will lose my creative instincts and I will be the last person to know about it.

I am really insecure about that and that is why I take criticism very seriously.

When I hear something about my work, I revisit it and see how I can improve and grow as an actor.

Do you fear losing your stardom?

I do not fear losing stardom. That is going to happen one day for sure

Image: Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3

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'I will help Salman promote Jai Ho in every possible way'

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Salman Khan went out of his way to promote Dhoom 3 on Bigg Boss. How do you plan to return the favour?

I will help Salman promote Jai Ho in every possible way.

Your contemporaries are diversifying into other businesses. Do you have similar plans?

I do not know any other business. I am not capable of doing anything else.

Films are the only thing I know.

I want to do better work. I want to see that the industry does better work and I want to be able to celebrate the good work done by others.

Image: Aamir and Salman Khan
Photographs: Abhijit Mhamunkar
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