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'It is a great honour to have the title Ragini IPS'

Last updated on: March 28, 2014 09:25 IST

'It is a great honour to have the title Ragini IPS'


Srikanth Srinivasa in Bangalore

Ragini Dwivedi, beauty queen turned actress has a Kannada film named after her and will also feature in some high-octane action stunts in the film.

Ragini IPS, directed by Anand P Raju is hitting the screens on Friday, March 28 across Karnataka.

Dwivedi who is known for her colourful costumes and glamorous looks in earlier films, wears sober khaki for the first time, signalling her transition from glamour doll to serious cop in the film.

In this interview, Ragini Dwivedi talks about changing her appearance and doing some action sequences in the film.

What is Ragini IPS all about?

The film is a family entertainer. It tells people what is right and wrong in a realistic manner.

It is also a story of a woman who establishes herself as a strong person in society and tells people they need to stand up for themselves. Because if you don’t do it yourself, nobody else will do it for you.

Image: Ragini Dwivedi in Ragini IPS


'It is a great honour for me to get a film in which I play the lead'

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How do you feel when a film in which you play the lead is named after you?

It is definitely an honour for me. We were discussing titles and a lot of other things and suddenly director and producer K Manju came up with the idea of this title because it would suit my character well and go down well.

It is a great honour for me to get a film in which I play the lead, to be named after me.

It has come quite early in my career. I have probably created a space and name for myself in this short duration, thanks to my fans and people in the industry.

Why did the film take so long in the making?

Initially it was going to take about a year to complete. But it got delayed because there were some production issues, re-recording problems and we wanted to reshoot some of the portions so that the film comes out at its best.

We also shot at leisure as the producer was quite lenient about the scheduling. He didn’t insist on a 35-day or a 40-day packed schedule to finish the film.

I share a good rapport with producer K Manju. He was encouraging with this film being my first attempt at doing an action movie.

We did the stunts at leisure. Also, some homework had to be done on the dialogues as we have used the Hubli dialect in the movie.

Image: Ragini Dwivedi in Ragini IPS

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'A woman officer is like any other woman who likes to dress up well'

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Is it true that the storyline was tweaked to include the Delhi rape incident?

Yes. The original screenplay did not include this incident.

This incident was apt for the film. It is relevant and important because it is necessary for people to know that they do get punished for doing wrong.

It is high time there is real women’s empowerment, and not empty talk.

Did you really go and meet women police officers to find out how they went about the job?

Yes. I did a lot of homework. A lot of personal styling in the film was inspired by what the police officers really wear in their daily lives.

Most of us think they are very serious people. They are very stylish and that’s what we have tried to show in the movie.

An IPS officer need not be the most boring person on earth. A woman officer is like any other woman who likes to dress up well. 

Image: Ragini Dwivedi in Ragini IPS

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'It was extremely difficult to do the fights in the uniform'

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How comfortable were you wearing the khaki uniform when you are used to wearing colourful costumes in your earlier films?

It was difficult wearing the khaki uniform as it had to look crisp and trim throughout the shoot of the movie.

We had to iron the uniform twice or thrice daily so that it looks dapper.

I got used to it and I began to love wearing it. It got me into the character, the feel and the flow of the role.

It was extremely difficult to do fights in the uniform. But with the help of stunt directors Maada and Venkatesh, I was able to do them.

Were the stunts challenging to perform?

I didn’t want to use a dupe or body double for my fight sequences. I wanted to do them myself.

It was quite challenging for me because my body is sensitive to bruises. It was challenging to use the ropes, harness and all the stunt gear.

All the technicians and fighters made it look so simple. I should thank them for their support.

I hurt myself a few times, and I was bed-ridden for about one-and-a-half months due to an injury.

I ride a Bullet bike and drive a jeep in the movie. I am used to driving these vehicles including a bike.

Did you follow any particular diet regimen for this role?

Yes. If you notice, I look a lot leaner than in my other films. The role demanded I be more active.

As an actor, you have to forego so many things, do workouts and follow some diet restrictions that make you active.

Image: Ragini Dwivedi in Ragini IPS

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'I don't have to worry about getting typecast'

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Do you think there is a danger of getting typecast in such roles going by the examples of Malashree and Vijayashanti who became action queens?

I am here to do all genres of films. I would love to do similar roles if they are exciting enough.

I am glad that I am getting different kinds of offers at this stage.

I don’t have to worry about getting typecast. This role that I have done in Ragini IPS is just about experimenting with what I could do.

I prefer to be called a versatile actor. Ragini IPS has the commercial elements that everyone will like. You cannot expect to have romance in such films.

There is also another initiative that goes under your name. What is it all about?

We have launched a scholarship programme called Ragini IPS. The movie production house has tied up with Universal Coaching Centre to provide free training to deserving women IPS aspirants.

This film is a kind of platform for women to become police officers. The film has a message for society without being preachy.

Finally, are there any offers from Hindi cinema especially after you did a special item number in Prabhudeva’s film R…Rajkumar?

There are no song offers. I am getting a few film offers.

I am in talks with a few of them and I am considering a few projects.

Yes, I am game to do Hindi movies and an announcement in this regard is expected to come soon.



Image: Ragini Dwivedi in Ragini IPS

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