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'I will not tolerate the tantrums of my mother-in-law'

December 20, 2013 14:10 IST

'I will not tolerate the tantrums of my mother-in-law'


Rajul Hegde in Mumbai

Deepika Singh is better known as Sandhya from Diya Aur Baati Hum, the popular television show on Star Plus channel.

In upcoming episodes of the serial, Sandhya and her supportive husband Sooraj (Anas Rashid) get a step closer to fulfilling her dream of becoming an IPS officer.

In this interview with Rajul Hegde, the actress talks about the show and how it has changed things for her.

Your character Sandhya goes through her IPS training in the coming weeks. Is it true you have been asked to shed a few kilos for the upcoming episodes?

I was never fat and the makers have not asked me to lose weight as reported.

But I am motivated to work hard for this role so I usually wake up early in the morning and work on my weak points.

I have lost at least five kilos in the last few weeks and I intend to have a fitter body in the coming days.

I am jogging, doing martial arts and karate to train myself. I know that all this will be useful as Sandhya gets to become an IPS officer.

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Image: Deepika Singh


'I am quite an extrovert and tomboyish unlike Sandhya'

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Did your family accept your decision to get into acting? What was your father’s reaction when he saw you on TV for the first time?

My family is quite open-minded but I think every parent is hesitant when their daughter is about to step into the world of glamor.

It is quite natural for them to worry. After watching me on TV, my father said, “You are best at what you are doing.”

How much can you identify with Sandhya?

I am quite an extrovert and tomboyish unlike Sandhya. And I'm not as mild as her either. I cannot sit quietly and tolerate the tantrums of my mother-in-law.

What is similar between us is that I am as patient as Sandhya, and I'm never in a hurry.

Sandhya is a small town girl who wants to become an IPS officer. I too used to be studious as a student.

Image: Deepika Singh

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'The emotions you see on the screen are real'

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How does it feel to play a lead role in one of the most successful shows on television?

It feels great because this is my first daily soap, it enjoys high ratings and is watched by many viewers.

The emotions you see on the screen are real.

I learnt that the audience will feel it only if the emotion is genuine.

You are an MBA so how did acting happen?

I always wanted to be a business woman. I helped my dad in his garments shop at Karol Bagh in Delhi but I had friends who were into modelling and I accompanied them to auditions.

I bagged a couple of advertisements. Later, I enrolled for an MBA through correspondence. I dedicated two hours to it every day. Yet, I felt emptiness within me.

Suddenly it struck me that I should try acting as a profession. I went for an audition and got shortlisted for this show and came to Mumbai.

I gave many look tests after that. That I had bagged the lead role was something I learnt only after two months!

Image: Deepika Singh

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'The sudden recognition that I got was initially scary'

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How has life changed for you?

It has changed for the better. The sudden recognition that I got was initially scary. Stardom was new to me. But being in the television industry for more than two years, I have learnt to handle it.

Earlier I used to feel odd if someone complimented me but now I talk to my fans and reciprocate their good wishes.

I enjoy it when people ask me for my autograph.

I am better off financially too now. I have my own pad in Mumbai which is a big thing. I wear better clothes but can’t travel by public transport because I am a known face now.

How do you unwind between your hectic work schedule?

Getting time for yourself is a task. Whenever I have free time, I catch up on films and visit spas.

I don’t enjoy films with people talking around me, so I prefer to watch alone. I am a loner. I don’t need company at all. I love to shop on my own.

Most actors on television are participating in reality shows. Why aren't you doing one?

I do get offers, but right now I don’t want to take up something that will distract me from my show.

But I will take up a reality show if a good opportunity comes my way.

Image: Deepika Singh

Tags: Mumbai

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'Where is the time to date?'

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Any fans-related anecdotes you want to share?

We had to shoot a sequence in Delhi where my onscreen husband Sooraj (Anas Rashid) participates in a cookery show.

I reached home around 8 in the morning but I could not enter my house till 11 as there was a huge crowd of people.

The ladies of my colony were dressed like me; they had worn the same kind of saris I wear on the show and they were quite excited to meet me.

What kind of equation do you share with your co-star Anas Rashid?

He is a good actor and is friendly. He makes me feel comfortable whenever we are shooting together.

Are you dating anyone?

No. Where is the time to date?

Image: Deepika Singh

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