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'I can't wait to see the guys in KKK 5 in a sack full of worms'

February 19, 2014 10:49 IST

'I can't wait to see the guys in KKK 5 in a sack full of worms'


Rajul Hegde in Mumbai

'I am quite confident that I will make it.'

Rochelle Maria Rao looks confident, as she gets ready for the fifth season of Khatron Ke Khiladi.

Femina Miss India International (2012) Rochelle Maria Rao hosted the television show Extraaa Innings during the sixth edition of the Indian Premier League. 

She is a contestant of the action-adventure show Khatron Ke Khiladi, that is currently being filmed in South Africa. 

“I used to be a tomboy as a child. When I grew up, I was groomed, became a beauty queen, and a host, and now I want my fans to see the real me through this show,” she says. 

Rochelle talks to Rajul Hegde about the craziest things that she’s ever done.

Do you have an adventurous streak?

I am quite adventurous. I have always said that I will do well on a show like this.

Whenever I travel, my family looks at the art while I look at the adventure sports, the extreme action and the extreme food available in the country.

I am literally called the rubbish bin in my house because you can put anything on my plate and I will eat it. 

I once drove halfway across Mauritius because I wanted to try crocodile meat that was available only in one part of the island. The whole crew shooting with me had to drive all the way to the island with me.

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Image: Rochelle Maria Rao


'I can try all kinds of exotic food'

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Was the drive worth it?

It was quite good. It was pretty close to beef, actually. I don’t know whether it was worth the drive (smiles).

I have heard there is some amazing stuff in South Africa and I can try all kinds of exotic food. Whether they give it to us on the show or not I am doing the fun stuff on my own.

So you are fine with creepy crawlies?

I was the one who chased the rat out of the house or set the trap with my dad as a child. 

But when you are actually in that situation and when pressure is on, you really don’t know how you are going to react.

Image: Rochelle Maria Rao

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'My biggest fear is failure'

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Do you have any kind of fear?

My biggest fear is failure. 

The moment I start to feel that I am losing my strength, say in the elimination round, my fears come in. 

This is something I am good at so I need to prove myself. I am quite confident that I will make it. 

I have seen in earlier seasons of the show that in the initial stage it’s all about your fear, and about being strong and healthy. But towards the end, when there are five-six contestants left, it’s also about chance. 

The stunts get tougher and you are tired being on the show for two-three weeks, and you never know when you will drop your flag or a key. I think I will make it up to that point. 

What is the craziest thing you have done in your life? 

The first time I went for the zip line in Mauritius, I saw the experts upside down. I told them that I wanted to do it the same way too.

It was an amazing experience. 

I have also done deep sea diving.


Image: Rochelle Maria Rao

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'We are going to show our tricks to the country'

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What do you think of a face-off between boys and girls?

It’s awesome. We have such big guys this time on the show that I can’t wait to see them in a sack full of worms or snakes and see what happens to all the big strength (laughs). 

At the same time, people always say girls are the ones who look at the rats and squeal but we have got some pretty tough tricks and we are going to show that to the country. 

How are you prepping for the show? 

Actually, to improve my mental strength I have done excess band therapy. It’s something to do with different magnetic bands that you have in your body. 

Just by putting pressure on certain magnetic points you can improve your strength, remove your past fears and remove any weight which is there on you physically.

Image: Rochelle Maria Rao on the Kingfisher calendar
Photographs: Atul Kasbekar
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'I would love to be in Bollywood'

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Is Bollywood your next step? Do you think being on this show will help you connect with the right people?

This show will give me an opportunity to connect with people across the country. The moment you gain that kind of fame and fan following, people want to see you do more things like television or films.

I would love to be in Bollywood. I think that dreams exits in every one but as of now, my strength is in talking (hosting) so I am going with that now.

Besides, I haven’t got an offer for a film yet that suits my personality.

Image: Rochelle Maria Rao
Photographs: Abhijit Mhamunkar
Tags: Bollywood

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