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To bring about change, change yourself FIRST

Last updated on: January 30, 2013 15:43 IST

To bring about change, change yourself FIRST


Let's not fume in rage, or cry in fear, rather let us try and revolt with our own consciousness, says Deepak Warrier, who thinks that change must be brought about from within.

Be it at the helm of technological innovation, passionate triumphs, compassionate reflection or reciprocation, the Indian youth has all rights to lead and even rule the parameters of measurable progress. While we still mostly continue to remain strongly grounded to the many virginal theorems of morality, we should heartily thank the idealistic upbringing for instilling the right proportion of liberalistic and traditional considerations.

However, at an age of improvised social interactions and ever increasing avenues for individual expression, we the youth seem to have taken the aberrations a bit too seriously into our brains, later articulating it through our blood and veins. It's disputable whether this is what is expected of us.

Where can we find a celestial community? We, like all, cope with a lot of pain, misdeeds, contempt and even unjustifiable levels of inhumanity. Here is where we youth need to step in and start working.

On a busy road when I stop my car and let an old woman cross, I feel I have made a change by doing something others didn't do. I do small things, but I ensure I do. None of us are as busy as not to spare a minute for these minute changes that we can bring. But the pretend has to be eliminated. While we enthusiastically throng the streets in protest of a corrupt system, venting our frustration though all rustic ways we can, I always feel a pinch when I ask myself 'How corrupt am I'?

We have accepted changes but have never gone to an extent of changing ourselves for the change. That should be considered a result of the social circumstances we are put into.

I plead, let's not believe in any overnight magic, rather, let's challenge ourselves at every point of life. These challenges will keep us alive. Every time you fall down, open your eyes and challenge yourself to get up. At many points, efforts will come back to ground zero, but keep the hope alive. That will provide the strength to rework and re-travel the basics which you once thought would never have to be revisited.

I stress, life is no magic!

Let's not fume in rage, or cry in fear, rather let us try and revolt with our own consciousness. Then I hope, a thought will arise, which will bring us eventually in terms with the real change that needs to be brought about.

Substitutes are available for hard work, perspiration and determination. But they come with an expiry tag. Don't let your dreams and aspirations have an expiry date. Let us live our life in full, hug and accept all that's new, bring the change and be the change, love what we do and do what we love, but at the end, just at the end of it, we should make sure it stays, stays to better a generation that's looking up to us with a lot of hope.

Photographs: Uttam Ghosh/