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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » 'Quiting Facebook is like quitting smoking'

'Quiting Facebook is like quitting smoking'

July 15, 2014 14:33 IST

'Quiting Facebook is like quitting smoking'


We had asked you, our readers to tell us if you've tried to stay off Facebook


'I'm off Facebook till I become an IAS officer'

'I quit Facebook and nobody cared'

Here, Get Ahead reader Nitin Kale shares how difficult it is to quit Facebook and how he is managing it.

It's not that I have deactivated or deleted my Facebook account. Neither have I lost interest in facebooking. It's still there, just I am not logging into it for last 2 months.

I was noticing some behavioural patterns in me for some time. First thing I want to do, when I start my computer in the office in the morning, is to check Facebook. I know, there are still so many people in my office and around the world doing that.

Being very vocal on Facebook, I was not there just to consume the information, but was creating it. Blogging my thoughts, putting my one liners and uploading pics of photo-shoots.

I used to have this anxiety about what others have commented about my recent status update, who have liked it etc.

I noticed a friend, who could live without this anxiety. And I wanted to have that peace of my mind too.

And then, one day I just did not log in.

These days you have so many options to connect to Facebook, as you have computer at home and office then smart phone at any given time. And that makes it even more difficult to stay offline.

Though I still get cravings for just checking it one more time. But I know it's like quitting smoking. You just have to stay away from one cigarette at a time. And I am just doing that.

Life is good without Facebook.

Do you think your life will be more fun without Facebook's interference?

Were you not living a happier social life before Facebook caught you unawares?

Did you ever try to stay off Facebook and succeeded?

Please mail us your story at with subject line (Quitting Facebook) and we will publish the best responses on

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